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Carolina Cross Connection is in Their Blood.

CCC is a Christian outreach ministry in NC. It is an opportunity for youth and adults to spend a week of their summer serving families in need. I have been involved with CCC for 22 years. (Well over half of my life, in case you are wondering). I started participating as a camper in 1990.  The summer of 1995 I headed off to my first of 5 life changing summers. Being apart of the summer staff was some of the most beautiful, Christ-centered, exhausting, emotionally trying, growing experiences in my life. My first summer on staff I was a Lead Program Coordinator. I remember wondering how I jumped into a Lead position my first year? I was VERY shy. I was terrified to speak in front of groups. My hands shook when I had to pray out loud. I knew nothing about leading teenagers let alone a group of adults. I knew NOTHING it was going to take to be a sufficient staff person. Fortunately God did. Over the next five summers that shy awkward teen became much more confident. I found myself thriving in the spotlight and being honored to pray with an entire camp full of people. I learned valuable people skills. Leadership became something I sought out. It still baffles me how God has transformed me from the 1995 Traci to the person I am today. 
 I have helped train the staff for the past 12 summers and worked in the main office off and on. To top it all off I married the Administrator (now the Executive Director of CCC). Adam has a similar history with CCC. His journey started in 1992. I guess you can say we caught the "bug" and haven't shaken it!
So what does this say for the future of our kids?   CCC is and will be part of who they are. They may not carry our DNA, but they definitely have the same "blood" running through their veins. Missions is just going to be part of who they are. So far they love it!
Eating breakfast at one of the 7 camps.
They are a ways off from being able to go to camp for a week, but they do get the opportunity to go spend the night with Daddy every once in a while. Followed by visiting work sites and helping out.
Each morning after breakfast campers have "Morning Watch". They go sit by themselves outside, read scripture and spend time in prayer. Daddy sat with Pierson and Maylin to help them read their bibles and devotion. I don't know exactly what the theme was but I do know that out of it they decided they wanted to take flowers and popsicles to the people they were going to visit that day. 

Hanging out at the tool shed with Jenni and Amy.
The college students who run the camps are simply amazing people! All of them are so good to Pierson and Maylin. They all have such mature, Christ-centered hearts. It amazes me each summer how blessed CCC is to have hired 40 top notch college students.
Pierson made a cross (with a little help).
A silly side note. Back in June we had been away from staff training for a few days. The day we were heading back Pierson walks out of his room with a shirt and tie on. Understand that staff training isn't exactly shirt and tie friendly. Then he proceeded to wash his face in the sink and "fix" his hair. Questioning him I said, "Buddy, are you sure that is what you want to wear to camp?"  His response... "I want to look handsome for all of my girlfriends." (meaning all the college girls)! Oh boy!!! I think I am in for it when he is a teen!
Ready to hammer!
Maylin was helping with a 'peel-and-stick' floor repair.
These are the flowers the kids picked out for the woman being worked for that day.
A little more floor repair.
Apparently Maylin is pretty good at 'peel-and-stick'.
The next group they visited was building a wheel chair ramp. Pierson got to put in a couple nails!

By the end of the day they were both exhausted! Yeah, they went to bed WAY past their bed time and woke up a lot earlier than usual but the life lessons they are learning are way more valuable than a few hours of sleep! 

Sure, if Adam had a 9-5 job we would see him a bit more in the summer. I won't say there aren't days (especially towards the end of the summer) I am ready for camp season to be over. There definitely are!  But when I sit back and realize the life lesson's my kids are learning I wouldn't trade it for the world. 
I believe they are getting stronger, Christ-centered, life lesson's by observing Daddy serve folks in need than they would by having him home everyday after a day at the office. 
Daddy is our hero! 

The last day of the summer CCC has what we call "Celebration". Many campers from all camps come together and have a worship service as well as recognize the summer staff. I love that my kids get to be a part of this. Roughly 600 people come back for this event. 
Adam being the worship leader that he is leads everyone in worship.

Pierson got to sing one song with Daddy. I think he was enjoying himself and was loving the spotlight just a little. Like father like son. Maylin snuck herself up on stage too! She wasn't as bold as Pierson though.
During an upbeat part of worship Pierson, Maylin and cousins Kylie, Caleb, Darcy and Daniel danced and sang. It was absolutely precious!

Pierson played the drums to the beat on Becca's head! Becca you are a great sport! :)
I can't say enough how having my kids be apart of something like this is truly a blessing. I pray that they will continue to grow in Christ and have a desire to serve God in their lives.
The CCC 2011 summer staff.
Thank you all for being such a blessing to our family!

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Kristi said...

Your love for our Heavenly Father is being passed on to your beautiful children. You guys are wonderful parents!

(I love how you left out "meeting Adam" in 1992 at camp).