Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Day at the Beach

= unbridled joy!
 The girls reluctantly agreed to stop for a "matchy" picture before being released to the "wild"!
 And they are off! All six of them heading to the water!
All the kids had one thing in mind when we left the house... WATER! The soft white sand proved to be a worthy distraction. It was as if their feet were somehow magnetized to the sand. It stopped them in their tracks for a moment...
 And then they remembered... THE OCEAN
 Can't you hear the squeals and feel the enthusiasm?
Can you tell who is who? From behind Maylin and Kylie look A LOT alike. They couldn't have gotten along better this week. They actually switched dresses at the end of the week so they could remember each other when they went home. Can you believe both of these girls start kindergarten this week!

All three girl cousins full of sweetness.
Pierson's enthusiasm for the water is contagious! I absolutely love to watch the joy on his face. He is so animated and full of life. You never have to wonder what he is thinking!
This was sweet little Daniel's first ever experience with the ocean. And he LOVED it. He had no fear at all!
Maylin is my sand castle queen!

Uncle Ian provides endless entertainment. Can you hear the laughter?
The three boys are stair steps. Pierson is 6, caleb is 4, and Daniel is 2. The three of them together are... LOUD but so much fun!
Building a sand castle is always more fun with a friend. 
Once play time on the beach was over we cleaned the kids up and headed to Calabash for dinner. After dinner we walked around the docks for a bit and watched boats come in.
It was a wonderful first day at the beach. With six little cuties it was sure to be a great rest of the week! 

How is it that the joy of the beach never changes for me. I too get as excited as the kids. It brings out the inner child in me. 


Kristi said...

Yep, loud is a good way to describe the boys. But I can't imagine life without that volume...
We miss you guys!

Cassie said...

i can't imagine the looks you guys get when you go out :) we have endless attention and we only bring 4!