Friday, August 26, 2011

1st day of school 2011

Maylin didn't want to wake up this morning. I tickled and snuggled. I sang and brushed her hair with my hands. She wouldn't budge. I finally picked her up and stood her on the floor. Within an instant she was a crumpled ball on the floor

Pierson on the other hand was chipper and excited to go!
Last night he said he wanted to ride the bus all by himself. (Maylin's Kindergarten start time was later today so she had to be a car rider). I asked Pierson if he was still sure he wanted to ride the bus by himself this morning... "No, maybe I go wis you dis morning." While that made my heart a little happy to know that he still needed me, I was getting a glimpse into his insecurity; the rest of my heart broke for him.

After scurrying around eating breakfast, dressing, combing hair and getting book bags ready it was time to go. I went to find Maylin. I walked into our room where I left her last. Pierson was there but Maylin had vanished. I asked Pierson where Maylin was?  He just pointed. I walked around the bed and sure enough there she was curled up laying on the floor. I cheerfully said "come on sweet girl it is time to go!" ...She just laid there not moving, not looking at me. Immediately I asked her what was wrong... no response... I said, "Are you a little bit scared to go to school?" She slowly nodded her sweet little head without looking at me. UGHHHH!!! Rip out my heart and stomp that sucker flat!

My irrational thought process: How can I, a responsible parent, send my kids away to someone who doesn't love them and doesn't understand their history.  How can I trust someone else to teach my children and discipline them for the better part of their waking day? I am a terrible human being for doing this to them. If I loved them I would keep them here forever...  Yeah I know, a little irrational.

By the time we got in the car they were both smiling! We are GOLDEN this is going to be a good day!

Pierson walked straight into class and sat at his desk. All seemed to be going well.

(Notice the long flowing blonde hair... I think Pierson is going to be in heaven! There were a LOT of little blondes in his class! Those seem to be his pick)
While I was waiting in the hall for Adam to catch up to us (he had to park the car) another Mother came out and said "Awe, there is a little boy in there crying." She almost had tears in her eyes.
I, being the compassionate person I am, said "Oh that makes me want to cry too". (Aren't I nice for caring about other kids... ) It never even occurred to me that it could have been Pierson. Sure enough when Adam came to tell him bye he turned around with his tear stained cheeks and red eyes.

 I thought I was going to die! I wanted to take him home with me right then and never bring him back! After about 5 minutes (which seemed like hours) the librarian walked by and promised him a "grape" stamp if he would stay at school and come to the library later. That seemed to do the trick. He agreed and went back to class.

Maylin was a little nervous but smiling now. They divided the kids into four groups for the day. When they called her name she nervously rushed to the teacher while leaving her book bag behind. I called after her and showed her the bag. She pulled a "classic Maylin" she threw her head in circles, rolled her eyes and nervously laughed while shuffling her feet back to get her bag.

We got to follow her to class and watch her settle in.
 She didn't say much, but she was smiling and watching the other kids in her group intently
   We eventually left her room after some hugs and kisses. I was feeling a little better as a parent.

Of course I wasn't leaving that school without checking on Pierson one more time. We went back and peeked through the window of his class. He was sitting up straight with a smile!  RELIEF!! Now I could go semi enjoy the rest of the morning!

When I picked Maylin up she was ALL SMILES! She said, "My teacher say I had an AWESOME DAY!" I couldn't have been more proud of her. Her assessments were all great! (Thanks Elite preschool) They even commented how well she played with other children!!! (I hope I got the right report!) ; )

Pierson rode the bus home BY HIMSELF! I waited and waited. I was parked at the end of our mile long driveway at a funny angle. From where I was sitting I could see where the bus would be coming. I was ready to jump out and take a picture of him getting off the bus. Next thing I know he is opening the back door on the other side of the car!

WHAT??? The bus came from the other direction?! I totally missed him getting off the bus. :( However, he was grinning from ear to ear! He couldn't stop talking about that bus ride and how he followed directions. "I sat wiff my book bag on my legs and I look at the front!"

Talk about being a relieved Mommy! Both of my kids came home with smiles!!!

Final Report:
I asked Pierson "Did you make any friends today?
Thank you Jesus for giving my kids the peace they needed to survive their first day!
 I can rest easier tonight!


Amy Murphy said...

Congrats on getting through the first day!
Pierson reminds me of my son; Ewen prefers blondes, too! Except, my four year old prefers them to be around 10-12 yrs. old! haha! Boy are we gonna have trouble when these girl crazy boys get older!

Grandma Shultz said...

Both in school. That happened too fast. Relieved that they were happy at the end of the day.

Cassie said...

this day is just far too emotional! and i am not even talking about for the kids :) i am thankful that all went well for you and your "babies"!

Kristi said...

It's hard enough to take them to school and leave them when they are totally excited. But when they are tearful? UGH!
So sorry that you had to leave Pierson when he was crying, but I'm glad that he recovered by the end of the day. And Maylin? She's gonna have the rest of the kindergarten bending to her will in no time. :)