Thursday, August 25, 2011

Last Day of Summer Vacation

We decided it was going to be a low key kind of day. I let the kids watch a few episodes of Scooby Doo in the morning while they ate breakfast. Then it was off for a nice walk in the woods. Pierson really wanted to take his guitar. Of course if you take your guitar you need your microphone. And what great American citizen doesn't take your flag with you.
Of course it wasn't long before he decided...
"We leab it herew and we get it on de way back."
Maylin "needed" her drawing paper, a maker and of course her purse!
It was a good thing he left the guitar behind... He would never be able to jump the grand canyon with the extra weight.
We explored the bottom meadow.
He broke "trees" and carried them around.
She drew the nature around us while sitting on my lap so the "itchies gont get me".
We climbed a tree stand. (no we are not hunters).
We picked burrs out of Chaucer's hair.
We dove,
and dove,
and flipped (well sorta).
We jumped
and swam deep.

Yep those are my kids swimming to get fish off the floor of the deep end. (9 feet)
We ate snacks.
Pouted a little bit.

Picked flowers
played with dead bugs.
and crashed hard. 
We had a wonderful afternoon. Wednesday evenings are usually our bible study night. Mom keeps the kids while we go. However since it was the first day of school we wanted to be able to tuck the kids in bed. So bible study came to us. (we have such awesomely wonderful friends)
The kids swam some more and then we headed for bed. 
Pierson went to bed THRILLED and wrestles. He was excited about riding the bus by himself (Maylin has staggered start time for kindergarten and wouldn't be riding the bus). 
Maylin snuggled with me nose to nose. As she was falling asleep I whispered, "You are going to Kindergarten tomorrow!" 
 She teared up and said in the quietest whimper, "I want you go wiff me". Pull out my heart! I can't describe how that makes this Mommy's heart break! I silently cried so as not to alarm her. This little spirit has finally learned to trust me and now when she wants/needs me the most I have to push her out the door and abandon her all over again. 
Yes I know that is a little drastic but it is how I felt. She has such a hard time trusting people and has a past which taught her to defend herself. Now she wants me to take care of her and defend her but... 
I can't. 
 Anyone interested in a Home Schooling commune? : )
Here is to hoping the next day goes a little better. 


Larry and Carol said...

Sending a child off to kindergarten is as traumatic as sending one off to college. We are all there with you. What a great final day of vacation you had. XO's

Grandma Shultz said...

Wonderful day to end their summer vacation. How I remember taking each of you girls to your first day of school and leaving you there. Every mother understands. Each separation point in their lives is hard. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. You and Adam have given them a great start this past year and 1/2. The kids will do fine.

Kristi said...

I'd say you guys embraced the last day of summer quite well. Love that guitars, microphones and drawing pads were involved.
Do we live too far to be part of the homeschooling commune?