Monday, September 24, 2012

They Call me "Snaggle Tooth!"

Maylin is one determined little girl.
Saturday night as we drove by a Toys R Us Maylin asked if she could go buy a treat. I said you need to save your money and then maybe we can go. She sighed because she knew that her piggy bank was empty. (She likes to play with her coins and usually looses them before she can spend them).

Then she brightly said, "I know! If I loose my tooth the tooth fairy will bring me some money!"

I replied, "Well yes but your tooth isn't quite ready to come out, but when it does I am sure the tooth fairy will bring you a couple of dollars."

Maylin: "Oh Thank you Mommy! Thank you!"

Me: ??? "thanks for what Sugar Bug?

Maylin: "You gave me a great idea! Can I break my tooth out?"

Me: "Ummm???.... That is going to hurt honey! Maybe you should wait a few more days."

Silence... followed by the loudest crunching and cracking noise a loose tooth could possibly make!
It kept going and going and going!

I finally had to turn the radio WAY UP so I couldn't hear it anymore. Ugh! It still gives me the willies to think about it!

After a 20 minute ride home she marched into the house. Went for the paper towels and then pulled with gusto to get that tooth out.

She has never been more pleased with herself.

For the record the tooth fairy had to go digging to find some cash. She managed to find 20 dimes! lol  It was either that or a $20 bill.  And well... inflation isn't quite that steep.

So she got her $2 worth of dimes. She let me know around 5:00 am that she now had money to go to the store with! ..."Great Honey! But the stores aren't open yet." I said.
Wouldn't you know that by 9:00am the dimes were LOST!  Ah the saga of a little girls life.


Kristi said...

Oh my word. I LOVE that child.
And didn't I send you a message from our tooth fairy about having a stash to be prepared...

Grandma Shultz said...

What determination! Hope she finds here money.