Saturday, September 1, 2012

Video clips from the Beach..

This just proves it is not so easy to get pictures with 6 kids in the surf... :) We did this over and over. It finally ended with a meltdown. So the super cute "surf" photo we were going to capture... well it wasn't so cute. :)
Getting some sillies out with the silliest 5 year old boy I know!
Caleb and Pierson tried to surf... They rode so long they almost ended with the full moon!
There was a lot of net fishing going on. We would catch a couple little fish keep them in a bucket for a while then toss them back to swim home to their families.  Watch how the boys swung... it is no wonder the "blue nets" didn't last long. :)
Maylin LOVED snack time. Not because she was hungry... She just wanted to feed the seagulls!
Caleb discovered a new trick with his hair!  Oh how he cracks me up!
He did this by sticking his head in water and then quickly flipping it up.

A still picture just couldn't begin to capture this next clip. It was amazing. Everyday around 4:00 (when the tide got up to a certain point). MILLIONS and MILLIONS of Coquina clams as far as the eye could see in both directions would surface. I have seen these clams all of my life. I have also watched them bury themselves thousands of times. I have dug them up and felt them try to dig through my fingers more times then I could possibly count. But I have never ever seen them do this! (you have to watch all the way through).
Imagine this being a 10 ft wide stretch as far as the eye could see up and down the beach. It was as if the ground was coming alive! Over and over they would do this until the tide had completely covered that 10 feet where they were. I wasn't sure if it was TOTALLY AWESOME or the start to a TOTALLY BAD horror movie.... I'll go with the awesomeness of it even though it still weirds me out just a little!

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Kristi said...

Cool as it was, I may have to go with the horror movie...glad they were tiny clams!
Fun clips! Somehow that camera didn't upload to my computer after all. I'll have to steal some from you next time we're in town.