Friday, August 31, 2012


OK, so we can't quite swing total matching outfits anymore. It is difficult with different taste in clothes (that is the kids taste) and most difficult is that some are in "little kids" clothes and others are getting into "big kids" clothes.  booo whooo!   So we just have to make due with color coordination.  
And let me tell you that my sister picked outfits her kids, laid them out, took pictures of them and emailed them to me so we could match! Yep we are nuts. 
 This is Red/black/white day
 Somehow I didn't get a picture of them all lined up for a picture on Orange day but we do have this awesome picture of them dancing on their seats at Joe's Crab Shack.

 Peace love and Turquoise. Posing in the "Life is Good" van in Calabash.
 Pink and Blue day. We ate fresh shrimp and just had to have a picture of the boat dinner came in on!
 Green day... not the band... the kids! ;)
 Then there was the "Daddy's school day" Pierson and Maylin sported UNC while the Miller kids showed off their Hokie pride.

 We may have had a battle or two over who was better! :)
 White night!
And another Green day. Courtesy of Grandma who bought them all close-to-matchies as possible.
There you have it folks. No other day of the year do our kids match. I for one just don't have the personality to be that particular about what my kids wear. But for some reason our annual beach trip pulls out the crazies in my sister and I. Happy dressing. I wonder how many more years we'll be able to pull this off?


Amy Murphy said...

I love the matchies! And I think it's hilarious how you guys e-mail and plan ahead for it. But... I would totally do something like that! hahahaha!

Kristi said...

I may have been the one to email pictures. But you were totally going to...admit it.