Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Feeling a little Nostalgia for India

Bethel Children's Home in Orissa, India was our first sponsored orphanage in India. The moment I stepped foot in their facilities I could feel the love and spirit of God. I knew I was standing on ground that God had provided for these children. This orphanage had been burned and ransacked just two years prior to our being there by Christian persecutioners.  The house mother recounted how they ran for safety through the jungle with 150 children. While they tried to decide if they should continue running or stop and wait it out she fell and broke her leg. They knew they couldn't continue to run so they accepted it as a sign to wait there in the jungle until God told them to return. Within a few days they returned to their home. ...What? Return to a place that was just burned. Go back to a village that just wanted to kill you because you were a Christian? Yep. 
Since that day they have worked non-stop to rebuild and make a better stronger place for their children. Our sponsors of this home were just able buy a new roof for the boy's room. The old one had dime, nickel and quarter sized holes all throughout the tin. Because they live in the jungle with a roaring monsoon season you can imagine how well the boys were able to sleep with drips and drops falling on them each night. Thanks to their sponsors the boys will be sleeping a lot better. And thanks only to God that many of the people who came that day to destroy Bethel Children's Home are now some of the very people helping rebuild and are some of the most faithful attendees of their church. 

Yep, God is good and I can't wait to see what He has in store for India next!
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