Friday, August 10, 2012

Love and Care

God has been good and continues to open doors for ROOM in India. Just this past week we were able to send much needed supplies to children at Love and Care Children's Home in Andhra Pradesh, India. School supplies seem so everyday for us here in America. Right? When the house mother contacted me pleading for help to buy her children school supplies it was a different kind of desperation. Her cry wasn't "My children need school supplies to help them excel in their their school work." or "My children need school supplies so they don't get labeled as the poor children."... instead her cry was, "My children need school supplies because they are being beat at school for coming without them." Wow...
 Imagine if you will. You go to school without paper and a pencil. Your teacher calls you out in front of everyone. You receive corporal punishment for not being able to afford these things. She tells you not to come back without them. What would you do? I know what I would do. I would stay home until I got them. Wouldn't you? 
 Not these children. These children know what a privilege education is. They know without it they end up on the streets of prostitution or continue to be considered the 'nothings' of society being forced to work the fields or on roads with nothing but hand tools. They know education is the only way out. So these brave kids continue to go to school so as not to get so far behind that they can't make it up. They can't write anything down, because they have nothing to write on or with, they just have to remember as much as they can until some willing sole on the other side of the world sees to it that they get the supplies they need.  Thankfully this month I can report that these 29 kids (who live in a two room house) got school supplies. But their are so many more still waiting. 

 The awesome thing is that it didn't take a super hero to save the day. Just an ordinary citizen looking to make the world a little more just.
 Could you be another ordinary citizen looking to make a difference? 

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Laura said...

So happy for these kids... thank you, sweet lady for being a voice for children so far away. God bless you!!!