Sunday, August 26, 2012

And we Fished...

We are so blessed to go to the beach each year with our family. (thanks Grandma Miller!) This year we had a house on one of the canals. Oh the possibilities that brought. Each afternoon and several mornings the kids headed out to the dock to cast their fishing rods. 

They caught TONS of fish. Of course all of the fish combined would not have fed our crew even appetizers.
(they were kinda small) But each fish brought award winning excitement!
Pierson fishing in his PJ's

 Maylin's first fish
 She is doing the happy dance right here! "I caught a fish. I caught a fish!"
 Pierson showing off another catch.
 This particular afternoon the kids were literally catching fish within seconds of putting their bait in the water. Kylie and Maylin just happened to pull their fish out at the same time!
 Maylin's fish jumped off the hook and may or may not have slipped through the cracks and her little fish may or may not have landed on top of one of the buoys and had no chance of making it back into the water. Uncle Ian and I (the only two adults on the dock at the time) looked at each other... Uhhhh.... What do you do?  Pull the boards up? Tell the kids it really did make it in the water? Try and find a stick and try to thwap it off the buoy?
 Nope Uncle Ian jumped in the canal and carefully reached in and saved the day! Shew!!!
 Before the end of the week most of the kids were even baiting their own hooks!  I even baited one or two hooks... And that my friends is a BIG deal!
 Pierson kissed a couple fish. Too bad the fairy tale doesn't go something like this...
And the Prince kissed a fish... And he and the princess lived happily ever after. :)
Even though this Mommy is NOT ready for him to find a princess... it would make a cute story.
 Caleb caught a MONSTER fish!
... or it is Kylie's fish which just happened to hang in front of Caleb making it look really large.
 Maylin baiting her own hook.  eeewwww
 and the fishing went on...
 and on...
 and on...
 and on...
 happy fishing days
 and many more!
Here's to fishing!


Grandma Shultz said...

When fish are calling - kids are going after them. The dock was a BIG hit every morning and evening. What fun!

Kristi said...

I'm glad the fish rescue story got documented. :) Too funny.
Totally think that a canal or bay house may be the way to go from now on. Fishing was a great addition to our days!