Friday, August 24, 2012


Oh yeah, this family is coo-coo and about DESSERT!
 We hit up this Italian Ice twice through the week. Our family has some dairy allergies and lactose intolerance so this place was a big hit! It was so delicious and refreshing! And even as exciting it was on the island! We didn't have to drive all the way into Calabash every night for treats!
 Of course we did make our way into 3 Calabash for some deliciousness. (fortunately they do serve Italian ice too).

 We also enjoyed an awesome little bakery. Can you say CUPCAKES?!
 These 6 can!

Of course we enjoy the desserts but we also enjoy the fellowship we share while sitting on the patios. We might... just might get a little

Oh I love a summer sugar rush!


Grandma Shultz said...

What dessert fun! Traditions are so comforting. I believe I have the cutest and most precious grandchildren ever!!!

Kristi said...

Still can't believe that with so many options I ended up with watermelon ice three nights. I'm not usually the predictable one...
I love that one picture of us all at Sunset Slush. If only a random person had been behind the lens instead of Maylin!