Monday, August 6, 2012

Gymnastics Camp

Me: Maylin do you want to go to gymnastics camp?
Maylin: Nope
Me: Are you sure?
Maylin: Maybe..

Several days later...
Me: Maylin do you want to go to gymnastics camp?
Maylin: Yes. I already told you that Mommy. 

Of course you did sweetie???
So off to gymnastics camp we went!
 The first morning she wasn't sure about going. She was nervous about having different people in her class than her normal Tuesday night friends. I try not to push too hard right now. Without pulling out my "behavioral health background" card I'll just say that she has some insecurities to overcome. Some times she handles situations head on and is a brave little trooper. Many times she takes a little bit of coaxing. Sometimes she becomes straight up defiant. Even so, I am very proud of her for the efforts she made during gymnastics camp.
 Each morning when she was dropped off she clung to her coach for about 15 minutes but then eventually relaxed and became comfortable with her surroundings. Each day when I came in to pick her up she was ALL smiles and doing her best!  Just look at those pointed toes! :)
 She did make friends and I really felt like she became a little more confident in her gymnastics.
 She really likes her coach who is supportive and kind yet expects the kids to work hard and follow directions. It is a perfect combination for Maylin. Maylin will work hard but typically only on her terms... Yes, I know she is 6 and she should work hard on adults terms as well, and she will, so long as that adult isn't forcing her to do so. The second she begins to feel like she is being forced into something her back stiffens up and 'Defiant Maylin' shows up. Again... you would need to understand all she has been through to tolerate this behavior. She appears to be a tough cookie, but inside she is a fragile egg shell which can be cracked so easily. Most people have no idea she is cracking on the inside because she hides it so well most of the time. There are a very short list of people who Maylin trusts and responds well too 95% of the time. There is no one, myself included, who she fully trusts 100% of the time.
 I am so glad that, at least for now, her coach seems to be one of those people she responds to. Her little body seems to be a good fit for gymnastics but even more importantly gymnastics seems to be a good sport for her soul. It is an individual sport yet at the same time it forces her to work with and around others as well.
 She was all smiles on the last day of camp!
 Getting a group photo.
She was SUPER proud of her 'achievement' ribbon! She carried it around like she just won Olympic gold!
She even carried it through the grocery store later that day and begged to buy cookies for her CELEBRATION! I for one have never been able to resist a good cookie or a reason to celebrate.
So... HAPPY RED ACHIEVEMENT RIBBON Maylin! Here's to many more!

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Grandma Shultz said...

My precious, Maylin. I'm so proud of the good job that you did at gymnastics camp.