Friday, August 3, 2012

Pierson's Soccer Camp

Pierson wanted to go to soccer camp, then he didn't, then he did, then he didn't agian, then he finally did. I signed him up before I asked him if he wanted to go. Honestly I didn't think he would bat an eye about going. Even so I typically would ask before registering either kid for something out of the ordinary. However this one was free... so I guess I figured I would have nothing to loose. The only 'cost' of camp was to bring canned food for a local food bank. Not bad huh?
 As it turned out he loved soccer camp. Apparently the reason he didn't want to go to camp was because his old cleats were too small. Don't worry he got new cleats and shin guards that don't "itch". So camp was a breeze and he had a great three days. He was a little leery to not have his "same coach" from the two previous seasons but after about 10 minutes of the first day he was doing great!
 His first ever attempt at a Rainbow. Squeeze,
 Pull it up,
 And kick it from behind! Good Job buddy! Not bad for your attempt!
 The last day the whole group gathered together for a photo opp. Pierson's head is nestled between the two kids in the very front to the right of the banner.
 To celebrate all the food collected for the food bank the kids got to kick a ball from close range at all the 'coaches' bottoms! Needless to say they all thought this was HILARIOUS!!!
And to top things off they got Icee Pops to go!
Oh yeah it was a fun week. I think now he is super glad he went!

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Grandma Shultz said...

This will have him ready for the Olympics 2024! He told me that he is deciding between soccer and swimming for the Olympics. Can you tell that we are really Olympic fanatics?!