Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 3 part II: Honduras 2012

After we settled into to our sleeping quarters we set off for the nearly mile long walk over to Mama Tara's orphanage. To get there we ducked under a hole in in the chain link fence,
literally cross the runway (watch out for planes!), 

we crossed many mud puddles and one or two 'small lakes'! I have video of these but no still pictures. :(
A couple of times some of us got to ride in the "Rhino".  Most days we at least got to send our back packs so we didn't have to carry our water for the day. 
we passed lots of homes with beautiful children.
The local "pulperia" (store) where we bought drinks. After a couple of days we were getting tired of drinking room temperature water so we started buying drinks for dinner on our way back. 
Pierson strolling down the road.  It is so beautiful there. 

It is the rainy season there right now. However God held off the rain for us! While we were in San Pedro Sula there was no rain. While we were in Puerto Lempira there was no rain but they had quite a bit of rain in San Pedro Sula. Once we left Puerto Lempira apparently the skies opened back up but it cleared up for us again in San Pedro Sula! You tell me? How good is our God?!
When we got there it was late in the afternoon. We didn't start our work that day. It was just time to be reunited with old friends, meet new friends
and love on the kids many of us had gotten to know the year before.
This little girl was one who had melted my heart the year before. Oh what fun it was to hug her again!
We played ball in the yard.
We were amazed at how big they were getting!
The medical team brought their stuff over to prepare for the clinic the next day.
Curious eyes peered through the windows as they set up.
Our family recently started sponsoring a little girl (I'll call FB for privacy) who we have prayed for, sent pictures and little gifts for. We had met her the year before but honestly she wasn't one of the one's I got to know really well. I was very excited to meet her face to face and really appreciate getting to know all about her personality and give her a real hug!

When we first got there we were hugging and greeting friends when all of the sudden I looked up and there in the doorway she stood...  In that moment time stood still. She stood leaning against the door frame while holding open the screen less, screen door with her hand. I can still see her shy grin looking at me with a question in her eye that said, "Do you know who I am?" I was hugging another little one at the time who I promptly let go of and rushed over to her! Oh my gosh it was awesome to hug her. I couldn't communicate in language, but no words were needed in that moment. It was awesome to hold her and see her smile!
Our first family photo with 'FB'. How sweet it was!
One of our team members brought a bat and ball for the kids. We started a game of baseball in the yard. The kids were loving it!
Some of the girls watched for a bit
but before long Laurie had them up and playing as well!
Maylin taking her turn at bat! Oh the squeals of joy that afternoon! I wish we could bottle that up and bring it home with us.
Sisters in heart. Maylin and FB. I love how both girls are sticking there tongues through their teeth!
Wendy was so good with the little ones! Just look at the smiles on the faces. To deny that lives were changed this week would just be untrue.  She and Ginia played London bridges with these guys while the older one's were playing ball.
This melts my heart! FB doesn't actually live at Mama Tara's orphanage. She lives with her Grandmother who is the cook there at MTs. At any rate, she doesn't and hasn't had a father figure in her life. It made my heart almost burst with joy to see her accept Adam so easily. 
She is a bit shy and kept her distance at times but would randomly sneak through where ever Adam was to tickle him on his back while she ran past giggling. Oh how I wish we could bring her home with us to give her a better education and to give her a father figure. 
In the same breath I wouldn't want to take away her past or her grandmother. I wouldn't want to take the Moskitia heritage from her and somehow try to "Americanize" her. I just want to give her opportunity and love her.

All too soon it was time to head back to the House of Hope where we slept.
The sun sets quickly there. It is as if the world turns more quickly. Which is ironic because the days seem to be forever long.  Once it starts turning dusk though it is time to go home or you won't make it before dark. There aren't any street lights. It is just DARK! As we walked back that evening there was excitement in our hearts as we anticipated going back the next morning and beginning the work God set before us. 


Kristi said...

Love those pictures of you guys with FB! What a blessing to really know her ~ it has to make your monthly sponsorship and letters all that much more personal.

Kelly Wally said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad I came across your blog. I have enjoyed so much reading and seeing the pictures from Hondurus. For several years we have sponsored a little girl in El Rodeo (through Mission Baptist Church). I couldn't believe it when I saw the picture of Adam! Our oldest son is going to be in Hondurus this summer on staff with CCC!! He would love to go and find our sponsored daughter but I understand that the two towns are rather far apart and the travel would be difficult. He is not sure how much free time he will have so it may not be possible. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful stories!