Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 4, Part I: Honduras 2012; Night lights and Tree Frog

The mornings came early in Honduras. Typically we went to bed between 9:30 and 10:00 with fans  roaring. The fans were a blessing not just to keep the hot air circulating but also to drown out strange sounds of a foreign land. The fans were a gift... that was until the power went off each night for several hours so that the power companies could save energy. Those of us who went last year were used to the power going off but last year it went off around 6:00am until about 10:00am. By 6:00am the sun was up and we were pretty well rested and ready to start the day. This year our first night,  the power went out around 2:00am.

Understand that Peurto Lempira is an awesome place but theft runs high. The economy there is hurting (much like a lot of the world) but here, in my opinion, it is worse because most people there began in what we would consider desperation. When already desperate people are pushed against a wall, well... bad things can happen. Mama Tara's, a place that could be considered the bottom of the ladder even gets robbed in the middle of the night. The children who have just a few articles of clothing each, get burglarized as they slept.

OK so back to the power going off at 2:00am... It is hard not to wake up when the fans go off. All the sudden the 'white noise' is gone and you become aware of every creak, every gust of wind, every rooster crowing (oh yeah! They crow ALL night!), every dog barking, every flash light shining in your second story window... yep... every flashlight shining in your window! My bed lay under the window in our room. We were told to sleep with our door and windows locked even though we were in a gated facility with a guard. Even with all of that there had been break-in's in the past. Our door was locked but as I lay there in total darkness the dim flashlight that was obviously moving around in the yard below had me frozen stiff. At first the light seemed to be randomly flicking around but then it seemed to be concentrating on windows. Maylin, who was in the bottom bunk bed with me was between myself and the slatted window. As I laid there motionless I tried to decide if should move Maylin further away from the window or let her innocently sleep through what ever this was. In my fear I went with neither one of us move. I tried to quietly snap my fingers to see if Adam was awake. Apparently his ear plugs worked well. I laid there for what seemed like an eternity. The light went away and eventually I too put earplugs in and was able to go back to sleep... The next morning I learned that the light was the night guard walking around with his flashlight making sure we were all snug as bug's in our rooms... sheesh people! Really?! lol


One of the best parts of waking up in Honduras, even after a rough night of sleep, is knowing that as you walk down the stairs you were going to have smiles like this to greet you!  There are a lot of kids at the House of Hope but there are a few that really have a place in my heart. How could this grin not be one of those?
this sweet boy was sitting on the stairs waiting for someone to come play. 
 Last year we lovingly nick named this little guy "Tree Frog". He could climb anything and anyone! He jumped around and was just plain ornery. Not ornery in a bad way, but in a way that kept you on your toes and made one giggle. I love this little guy.
  He gives the best hugs,
and just brings such a spark to life that is contagious!  I am happy to report that through R.O.O.M. "Tree Frog" is in the process of being adopted by a Honduran family in San Pedro Sula. When I heard the news my heart skipped a couple of beats. The first missed beat was shear excitement for him! How awesome!!! The second missed beat however was a selfish one... I may never get to see this joyful, precious little guy again?! ugh. I am so HAPPY for "Tree Frog but, oh the House of Hope just won't be the same without him.

To adopt a child is to follow the lead of God who has adopted so many.- Josh Wiley


Kristi said...

Joy from above for Tree Frog! Even though I know you will miss him, I'm so happy for him that he'll have the love of a FOREVER family.
Praying that there will be more missing from the House of Hope next time you visit...

Grandma Shultz said...

Way to go Traci. Tears running down my face. Tears of joy for "Tree Frog" and tears for all of the other precious children of Puerta Limpera. How thankful I am that God has put this burden on the hearts of so many from our church and we are starting to see a difference in the lives of these children.