Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 5: Honduras 2012: Giving Joyfully. Thanks Bethel UMC

Our church sent 20 people to Honduras but MANY more hearts went with us. We had women sewing head bands and dresses (shown below), people donated school supplies, shoes, clothes and money for mattresses. We were sent with prayers and much support. We were sent with love. 
Because of all this it was hard not to pour out that love on the kids when we got there. 
Checking their throats... joyful!
Giving the kids baby dolls... joyful!
Doing crafts with the kids... joyfull!
pulling wire through walls... joyful
passing out donated clothes... joyful!

 The list goes on and on...
  rebuilding a chicken coup,
rescreening doors, 
Cutting windows out, 
 digging ditches,
 building cabinets. It was all just awesome!

Thanks Bethel UMC for sending so much love with us!!! None of your toughts, gifts or prayers went unnoticed. 


Kristi said...

Gives more meaning to the thought that it takes a village...
So glad that many were involved in the love that was spread, even if it was a limited number of you on the ground. :)

Jon said...

I very much enjoyed the pictures and your thoughts. God Bless y'all for doing this.