Monday, January 14, 2013

Honduras 2012: Catching a Ride

 Then there was the afternoon we wanted to walk into "town" to get a better understanding of the way of life here. Well, walking seemed like a good idea... and then it didn't...
Our friend Alex called a friend of his to come pick us up! Thanks Alex!!! Our feet appreciated it!
This is what catching a ride looks like for a team of 20 in PL.

  Hang on guys the road is a LOT bumpy!  
 Letting our feet dangle off the back.
 One of the sweetest young ladies I know! The Waits family, the local missionaries,  are an amazing family. They are all such a pleasure to be with and I can't thank them enough for ALL they do for us!
Hoping out in town. It was definitely a bumpy ride but it was totally worth it. At the end of the day my legs definitely weren't going to happily carry me all the way into town and back to our Lodging!

Just keeping it real!
And yes, we got second glances as we paraded into town! :)  Nothin' like a truck full of Gringos!


Grandma Shultz said...

Love it! Nothing like a dump truck (with lots of gravel on the floor) as a taxi.

Kristi said...

Laughing out loud fully envisioning the truck full of gringos!