Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Last Minute Trip to the Zoo

If you haven't noticed before, I have a hard time deciding which pictures to post from our adventures. So, I tend to fall on the post-them-all side. This past weekend we planned a VERY last minute trip to the zoo to visit with our cousins. My cousin Jordan was down from Ohio visiting my sister in Raleigh so we met up so we got to see him too. :)  It was also the day after Caleb's 4th birthday! Happy birthday buddy!
Pierson LOVES "Jor-an". I think Jordan gained some muscle mass carrying him around all day! Thanks Jordan!
We went to the sea lions first. It was a great show as the lions were very active and kept swimming in circles in front of the glass. The kids would line up with noses pressed against the glass then jump back and scream every time they passed! Over and over they did this. Each time they acted as if they were really surprised that there was a large animal in the tank!
The teacher in Ayi (Aunt Kristi) came out. She had all of the kids hold their breath to see if they could hold it as long as the sea lions. Caleb thought he could. He didn't quite get the concept that just closing your mouth wasn't holding your breath.
Hiding in the polar bears den!
Pierson is the polar bear. Caleb is the brown bear. :)
We felt extra special because we got to see an African band playing. They taught us dance steps and even let the kids play some instruments with them! It was a lot of fun!
Pierson didn't want to go up front with the others so he stay back with Jordan who held his drum for him.

I also got a work out. The stroller I brought had room for three. The girls gravitated to mine. The boys went to Kristi's.There are a LOT of hills at this zoo. Our bums got great work outs! :)
Pierson and Maylin love elephants. When we first got to their habitat they were a little far away. But with Maylin and Pierson's professional elephant calling skills the elephants marched right up to the water hole. One of them even trumpeted for us!

Riding the carousel was a must!

Pierson thought the geysers were really cool. We'll have to get him to Yellowstone sometime.
All to soon it was time for the cousins to go. They had prior commitments for the evening and needed to leave by 2:00. Pierson was very sad to see Caleb go. He stood and waved at them yelling, "Bye I yobe you!" until they were out of sight. Then the tears came!
We moved on quickly to distract him. He was very impressed that the Polar Bear's hand was sooo big!
The zoo has a great area called the Kids Zone. The sign said 'messes encouraged'!  And that we did!
Maylin went fishing.
Pierson planted a garden.
They painted on a wall. (with water)
They dressed up in silly costumes.

(this is Maylin saying "you listen to me!" Pointing from her eyes to mine. LOL
We played with lions and alligators!
Beat drums.
And wrote some more. (Above says 'Maylin'. Below is how old she is.)

We looked closely at butterflies
And built forts!
(Notice the girl in the white shirt. She was probably about 7 years old. Pierson followed her around and "helped" her build a fort. What ever she did he did! He has a thing for older girls! lol)
All in all it was a great day at the zoo! It is such a blessing to be able to explore life with Pierson and Maylin!
Jor-an, Ky-eee, Ca-ub, Garcy and Ayi we love you and are so glad we got to spend the afternoon with you!


Amy Murphy said...

That looks like such fun! It's so awesome that you get to do so many things with the cousins.
Now, I have a question. With Kristi going back for #4, when are you guys going for another sibling group? ;)

Grandma Shultz said...

Sounds like a great day. Hate I missed the Millers and Jordan. Maylin and Pierson, I can tell by the pictures that you had so much fun. Isn't the zoo a great place?

Jordan Carl said...

Great pictures! It was a fun time. Poor Pierson did not want to see us go at all, Maylin, on the other hand, saw that there was a playset and had no problem saying goodbye!

Thanks for the pictures, hopefully we can do it again sometime where we have a little more time!

Bekah said...

You were in ASHEBORO!!!!!!! I'm hurt! ;)

Kristi said...

Oh there is nothing like a zoo day! We enjoyed our time together. I have a plan though, let's leave the strollers behind next time. I bet those buggars all walk just fine without the option. Besides, my gluts were REALLY feeling it the next day.
Note to self, check to see if the tires on the double jogger are full of air BEFORE you arrive at the zoo...