Friday, October 22, 2010

You Know Your Getting Older When...

the kid you used to babysit gets married! And by kid I mean a 27 year old man!
The term babysitting has never been so literal as when one was babysitting Nick and his brother Aaron! I actually had to sit on them sometimes to keep them from killing each other. These two were so funny. They would fight and fight but not like normal kids. They both thought it was fun! They would laugh and laugh and then laugh at me for stressing out trying to stop them! Aaron, the youngest and smallest, was determined to beat his brother up. He would say, "One day I am going to be big enough! I just have to keep trying!" I clearly remember one time sitting on Aaron to hold him down on the couch while telling Nick to stay in the chair and not even touch the floor. He would grin and look at me while sticking his foot on the floor and say "touch. touch. touch." AHHHH!!!! Oh it is stressing me out thinking about it! But deep down I too thought they were hilarious! They both have always had a charisma for life that is contagious.

Nick the oldest of the two got married this past Sunday afternoon on the beach. It was a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful day! I don't think one could have ordered better weather.
It was especially nice because most of the guests were standing which meant that we didn't have to keep the kids contained in a seat. Instead they got to play in the sand! They thought this was the best wedding ever!

The boys played with their cars.
Darcy danced to her own beat.
 They climbed the dunes quietly.
Pierson REALLY wanted to go get in the water!

After the ceremony we took a few minutes to snap some pictures.
If you are wondering how we got all of the kids looking in one direction while smiling at the camera....
think no more! Uncle Ian is a nut! :)
Grandma and her grand babies.
The reception was a lot of fun. And if I ever wondered where Nick and Aaron got their enthusiasm for life (which I didn't) I need not look farther than their dad! This is Rick, the father, dancing with my kids. Let's just say it was very interesting dancing and the kids followed every move!
Aaron carried three of them around. I think they were having fun!? :)

Then the groom danced with them. It was wonderful to see the kids become so easily attached to the "boys" that feel like my little brothers. Nick let them hang from his arms then teetered them like a seesaw. For days the kids talked about dancing with the "funny guys". I think they were a hit!

Congratulations Nick and Liz! We love you and are so happy for you!

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Kristi said...

It was simply a beautiful day and a beautiful ceremony!
I can so remember doing the same sort of thing (sitting on the boys) back in the day. THEY are what prepared me for my own son...