Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A beach trip in October?

At first thought October seemed like an odd time to head to the beach. As it turns out it was perfect! It was a little brisk at times but nothing a towel or pull-over couldn't take care of. And since I have definitely passed the point in my life when the only reason for going to the beach was to get a sun tan we were in business!
 It left lots of time to build sand castles with Daddy,
 Be buried by Mommy,
 Be turned into a lobster by Brandon,
 Sport Katie's sunglasses while posing as a Mermaid,
 And watch Andy, Brandon and Daddy be pummeled by record high waves! This pictures don't do the waves justice at all. It was quite amazing! I tried to go out twice... neither time lasted very long. The first time I couldn't keep my bathing suit in place. The second time I came back in because I got nailed in the face by my boogie board. OUCH
 The kids who had very much enjoyed the water in August also found themselves 'in over their heads'! Maylin got tumbled in 10 inch water. Pierson did pretty well all things considered but was just worn out from trying to stand. I have never seen the NC water so rough and tumble!

 Pierson found a crab. (a dead crab). He became very attached to the little guy. So much so that he wanted to give it a proper burial ceremony.
 He climbed the dunes to find the right sea shells and grass.
 He then laid them in the arms of the crab and talked to him for a long while. I couldn't hear much of what was being said but I could understand his kiss and tears. I know that the Taiwanese take their burial ceremonies very seriously and want to provide their spirits with things for the afterlife. I can't help but believe that is what Pierson was doing. It almost brought me to tears watching him. He has lost so much in his little life. And probably so much more than I am even aware of. The only thing I could offer him during this time was to wait patiently for him and hug him when he was through.
 That evening we (our bible study group) went to eat at a waterfront dive. Provisions has the best shrimp burgers around. It also has one of the best views around!

 We got to take our family portrait! I think this might be one of the best family pictures we have.
 One evening we headed out to play putt-putt! Pierson got TWO hole-in-ones!!! Let's just say that none of the adults were able to pull off even one! The irony is that we were really trying and Pierson didn't have a clue what was going on. He just enjoyed hitting the ball around. :)
 Maylin was a little bit wacky with her golfing! But when she finally did get it in the hole she was thrilled and would yell, "Mouwm, I ged it!!!"
 We enjoyed a wonderful night of putt-putt, friends and ice cream! What could be better than that?
The next day Pierson decided that he was going to plant trees on the beach. So he found these sticks and would say, "Deese are gwow weal weal big!" Knowing that we won't be back to this beach for some time I simply smiled and said I am sure they will! We will check them out next time!" He was satisfied.
 Our last day at the beach was full of building sand castles,

 bouncing balls off of our heads,
And declaring to all that Maylin is in fact a princess!!!
Bye Bye Beach! We'll see you next summer!


Grandma Shultz said...

Obviously it was a great weekend for all. Maylin and Pierson, looks like you had fun playing in the sand. Sorry for your crab friend, Pierson. You are so tender hearted. Glad that you both got to learn how to play Putt-Putt. Grandma missed you while you were gone.

Kristi said...

Oh, that crab story almost did me in. Pierson is such a love!

Lindy said...

I LOVE the family portrait. What a handsome group you are! I'm so glad the children have you after all they have been through in their young lives. Such sweet kids.