Thursday, September 30, 2010

CCC Golf Tournament

Each year CCC holds an annual golf tournament. For some that means playing their yearly round of golf. For others it is a real chance to win some prizes (those who play a little more frequently). But for the real thrill seekers like myself and some other great volunteers it is our chance to drive a golf cart around passing out drinks and snacks. Sounds not so "thrilling"... I have learned that no matter how far away the person yelling "FOUR" sounds you should always duck and cover! :) That, my friend, is thrilling!
 I do have to say that the kids of the volunteers however, seemed to have the most fun! Ring Around The Roses just never gets old! Thankfully they entertained each other most of the day. The other part of the time was spent being entertained by Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and friends!
 I can still hear the laughter these girls shared for hours.

Maylin desperately wanted to learn to hit the ball. She said, "I go do dat!" Meaning she wanted to go play with the grown ups. I think she needs a little more practice.
 Swinging as fast and hard as she could over and over... for some reason that little ball just wouldn't move.

 Exhausted, she finally gave up, shook her head and laughed out loud at herself! That is a trait she got from Mommy. It is always more fun to laugh at yourself than get frustrated! She does a great job at that!
 Why wouldn't you run full force and dive headlong like a kamikaze  into this sharp grassy stuff? Caleb did! and he thought it was awesome! He is hilarious!
 The golf tournament kids.
Left to Right: Pierson, Caleb, Maylin, Darcy, Kathrine, Susannah, Kylie and Emma.
It is such a blessing for us to have such great friends!
Happy Golfing!


Grandma Shultz said...

It was a fun day with the children.
Got long when we were just sitting and waiting for a cart to take drinks and snacks to the golfers. Thanks to all the volunteers and golfers. Know that CCC really appreciates the dedication of so many.

Maylin and Pierson, you will just have to practice your golfing swing.

Kristi said...

You mean people were actually playing golf? I thought it was all about the carts and the kids...

Amanda said...

I am glad you took pictures!!! Once again I did not have my camera . . . . It got a little long for us too but we had a great time!

Cindy M said...

Oh, that's an awesome family photo! You should see our latest debacle. I love it!

I saw your comment on Kristi's blog...I've had problems from time to time, too. I'll make sure you get an entry in the contest!