Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Carowinds with Grandpa Mickey and Claire

What a great adventure we had at Carowinds!

I knew there were no words that could describe to the kids where we were going so we decided to just let them see it before we told them.

As we were driving down I77 Pierson saw the roller coasters first and said, "Oh, Yeah! I wanna go dare!" I knew we were in business!

We were off to Planet Snoopy!

Both of the kids said their favorite ride was the "ba-yoons" (hot air balloon ride). This is one of those rides that goes round and round and up and down. UGG! :)

We had given Maylin some motion sickness medicine due to her lack of ability to handle curvy roads much less going round and round in tight circles at unnatural speeds. Unfortunately this made her a little... well I am not sure what to call her. Don't get me wrong she was loving every minute, but she wouldn't crack a smile for anything. A few times during the rides we caught a glimpse of a smile but if she saw anyone looking at her we got a stone face again. It got to be pretty comical after a while!
Here is a glimpse of one of her smiles! Pierson was looking a little worried. But he "YOVED" Carowinds!

How does riding in circles over and over again not get old? Most of the kiddy rides are the same. Round and round and round, just a different type of transportation!

Pierson was a big fan of the cars. He said he was driving "lining Qween". (aka Lightning McQueen)

Maylin said she loved driving "Sawwee" (Sally from Cars) but you would never guess it by looking at her.

We had a great day even if I went in a few too many circles! Thanks Grandpa and Claire!


Kristi said...

So was this before or after the bug that had you guys down?
Maybe you aren't up to our big fair?
Maylin's expression is cracking me up, I'm glad you said she had a good time...

Traci said...

It actually was the day before the bugs struck! :)