Thursday, September 9, 2010


Homework in Kindergarten and Pre School? I was shocked! Things have REALLY changed since I was in school! :)
Pierson's teacher informed me the first day of school that he would have about 10-15 minutes of homework a night. OK I can get behind that. That isn't bad.
Maylin's teacher actually only gave the one assignment to help her get to know the kids. After that there will be no more homework. Shew! Was I relieved? :)

As it turns out both of their first assignments were the same! Different schools and different teachers! What are the odds? But that sure made it easier for me! Thanks Mrs. T___ and Mrs. J___.

They both were to make a collage about themselves. We printed a few pictures from Taiwan and some of their favorite things. We cut out magazine pictures of Dora, Mickey Mouse, Pizza, and more. And of course we put the logo for Daddy's work on there. They both had a lot of fun with this. Maylin's favorite part was painting her hands with glue! :0

They were both very proud of their finished masterpieces!
Notice in Pierson's left hand he is holding a dollar bill. This was his first "i cream" money! On Friday's if he has been good all week he gets to buy ice cream! He was very excited about this concept! And so far so good! He has been able to buy it every week! Good job buddy!
He actually had a note from his teacher saying, Today one student said, "Pierson is the nicest guy in class" And another student chimed in saying, "Yeah, he is awesome!"
If that doesn't make a mom's heart smile I don't know what would?!!!


Amy Murphy said...

Oh, my word!!! How awesome is that!!! I hope that someone will be able to say that of my little boy one day! :)

Anonymous said...

That last paragraph actually brought tears to my eyes. They are both awesome.
Grandma Ann

Kathy said...

I always knew you two were special stars - I'm so glad you are doing well in your schools. This is such an exciting time for you as your world continues to expand with new friends and new experiences. I'm so happy for you.
Love, NaiNai

Kristi said...

I can hear his excited words, "Ayi, I get icey cream at big boy school!"
And he is awesome!
Great job on your collages guys! My crew will have to try that assignment too.

Grandma Shultz said...

Pierson, Grandma is so proud that you are such a nice boy in school that everyone likes you so much. I knew that they would! How special that Mrs. T sent the note so you parents could hear what the other boys had to say about how nice you are. About made my heart burst with pride.

Maylin and Pierson, you both worked so hard on your collages and it really showed. Good job!

Lindy said...

Wow, you must really be proud of Pierson. Kids are usually tough critics, so that compliment really means a lot! No wonder your heart is smiling.