Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another Wedding!

This time it was Grandma Ann getting married. I am not sure but I think my kids are beginning to think that weddings are everyday occurances. We've been to our share of friends and family's weddings this summer. Maylin continues to say she wants one. Hopefully that will be WAY later than sooner! :)

 I didn't get a chance to take many photos but it was a nice quaint little wedding.
Between the 5 kids there is only one way to keep them quiet during a wedding... bribery! Grandma Shultz promised them presents if they were well behaved during the wedding and reception. And that they were. It took a little coercing but over all they did very well.
So here they are in no particular order showing off their gifts!
Darcy with her flashy new purse!

Caleb with his new Cars cars.

Maylin and a cool frog puzzle. (She had gotten the black shoes she was wearing the night before so that she had a pair of shoes that fit for the wedding. Grandma being the thoughtful lady she is didn't want Maylin to feel left out when everyone else got thier presents so she stuck in a puzzle for her.)
Pierson with his new Cars dinner set. (It took some convincing to get him to actually use the dishes. He didn't want to get them dirty! :)
After opening his presents he went to thank Grandma for the gift and he got another gift! A big kiss! (Notice just to the left of his mouth).
Kylie got a cute new pair of shoes!
And just like that it was time to go again. It seems like our visits with cousins always end too quickly! It was nice to see everyone again! Many family well wishes!!!


Larry and Carol said...

I see grandma likes to shop. The kids look great - glad you had a fun time. Best wishes to Ann.

Grandma Shultz said...

It was a nice day. It is always fun to have an excuse to give out some "love" gifts to the grandchildren. God be with Ann and Mark.

Kristi said...

Pierson and Maylin look so darling with Grandma Ann! And all the pictures of the kids are cute, but I have to say I'm rather partial to that last one of Maylin...

Lindy said...

What a happy picture of Kristi and Maylin!