Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jumping off the diving board by themselves! :0

 How do you make two kids who have lived all but the last 6 months of their lives on a subtropical island understand that all too soon swimming will not be an option? The leaves are going to fall off all the trees, and it will be cold all the time. Experience... that is the best solution I have come up with. So for now we are enjoying the water as long as we can and taking in all of the vitamin D that we can.
The last time Maylin and I went swimming she shivered and said, "Mowum, why it so cold?" Tired of giving the answer, "just because" I said, "Well, you see, the sun is moving further away from where we live on the earth and that makes the air colder." Maylin looked at me with eyes squinted and brows furrowed and said, "Oh, I know." ...of course she does? What 4 year old doesn't know that? :)

As the summer has gone on the kids have gotten stronger as swimmers. They have also gotten braver! On one of our last big pool days this summer both kids decided they wanted to jump off the diving board and swim to the ladder by themselves. I nervously stood by with a pole to pull them out if they needed help. Fortunately neither one needed me and they both did it all by themselves!!!
I think she was happy with herself?!
Is that a proud face or what?!

Great job Pierson and Maylin! We are so proud of you!


Lindy said...

Woh. They have done so well learning to swim.

Lindy said...
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Kristi said...

From sinking to the bottom of the deep end to swimming from the diving board, I'd say Maylin has come a long way!
Pierson, you did a great job too!