Monday, September 20, 2010

County Fair

Each year in my hometown the fair comes in September. I love fair time for several reasons.

1. It is that time of year when things are starting to cool down for fall and you know the leaves are about to start changing.

2. School has kicked back into to high gear and normal schedules are falling back into place.

3. One gets to see/run into lots of old and new friends.

4. FAIR FOOD! :)

Yes I know that is it is not good for me... Yes I know that it is full of saturated fat. It is grease on a stick... and I love it! Maylin opted for pizza, not exactly fair food if you ask me. Pierson had a foot long corn dog! He ate all but about two bites of it. Adam and I had delicious sausage dogs!!! YUM. I could eat another one right now if it weren't for the heart burn! :)

Then it was off to the barns.

I am not sure who was trying to lick who? (notice Pierson is still carrying around his corn dog stick which finally mysteriously disappeared. :) ???)

This little petting zoo let you feed the animals for a small fee. The kids had a great time feeding the goats, alpaca, cows, and ducks. Pierson rationed his food out only allowing each animal a little nibble so his feed lasted a LONG time! Maylin on the other hand let them eat until they got butted out of the way by the next goat in line... until this cute, patient, friendly little goat ripped the cup out of her hand shook it violently and spit it to the ground! You should have seen her face! She didn't know what to do.

After seeing what Maylin's goat did Pierson decided not to let them do the same to him. He poured little bits in his hand and offered the other goats as a peace offering.

Maylin couldn't understand why the ducks backed away from her when she YELLED for them to come! Hmmm I wonder why they didn't want to be pet by this overzealous little one?

She also noticed the tall animal in background. This is how that conversation went.
Maylin: "Mouwm, what dat?"
Me: "What is what honey bun?"
Maylin: "Dat! It's biiiigg. It's five!" While holding up her hand to indicate how tall it was.
Me: "Oh that... It is a camel."
Maylin: "Oh YEAH! I know her! Her nice."
:) ??? OK?

How do you explain that these cute birds will be your thanksgiving dinner? My kids don't even know what Thanksgiving is! I guess some things are best just left to experience.

Pierson and Maylin got to milk cows. Thanks Kate and Andy for paying for their tickets. Pierson loved it. He thought it was funny. Maylin... not so much. She tried it and then sat down... she had had enough of that.

After milking the cow the kids were given a carton of milk. It was HILARIOUS to see the connection clicking. At first I thought "oh no, we are done with milk." Pierson slightly wrinkled up his lip and nose, pause and then asked for me to help open it so he could drink it. Maylin didn't bat an eye. SHEW! :)

They both loved watching the baby ducks.

The ducks would climb up the ramp then stretch as far as their little necks would reach trying to get feed out of the swinging trough (what the guy is holding still). Then before they know what is happening they have lost traction in the water and are sliding down this water slide at break neck speeds just to splash into a pool of water at the bottom and then climb back up the ramp to try it all over again! Over and over they tried. It was funny but I felt sorry for the little guys. (After a few minutes the guy did put them back in their warmers and feed them for real!)

Pierson liked this 'dotty' cow.

Watching baby chicks!

A trip to the fair is never complete with some form of dessert. For me that is funnel cakes. Maylin decided on cotton candy. Pierson went for ice cream, and of course Maylin then decided that she needed ice cream too. So Mommy, Kate, Andy and Daddy volunteered to munch on the cotton candy so that Maylin could get ice cream and not 'waste' the cotton candy. :) Aren't we nice?!

Each kid got to play two games. They both chose this and both won a stuffed frog. "Oh goody another cheap stuffed animal!" i thought. :)

They also chose to throw baseballs at a target. Pierson made all of us stop in our tracks at his accuracy and speed in which he threw the ball. I guess the Taiwanese is still in him! (Baseball is huge in Taiwan) I suppose we'll be signing him up for coach pitch this spring.

These guitars were the prizes for the efforts in the baseball game. I wish we had our video camera because here they were giving us a concert! Song of choice: David Crowder's Undignified. "ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, HEY! I yill dase, I yill seeng,..."

They sang over and over while we waited for the pig races to start. If you haven't seen racing pigs you... aren't missing that much. But it is kind of cute and the kids loved it. Before each race a representative is chosen for each pig. Maylin got picked to cheer on pig number 3!

And what do you know! Pig number three won!!! He must have been running extra hard for the cute little girl cheering him on!!!

For being the best cheerleader she won a blue ribbon! You would have thought that she won a million bucks. She held onto that ribbon as if her life depended on it! That is until she nodded off in the car on the way home.
Well that is is for the county fair! I hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did!
Happy fair days!


Larry and Carol said...

I'm with you - I love the fall county fair. Pictures were wonderful - looks like the day was a hit for everyone - corn dog and all. XO's

Amy Murphy said...

Great pics of those 2 cuties!

Grandma Shultz said...

What a fun evening. The food sounds yummy - you can always deal with heartburn for a day! haha
All of the animal experiences were so neat for Maylin and Pierson.

Kristi said...

Looks like it was a grand time! I can't wait for our fair days.
Oh, and Maylin's expression in the first picture? She totally realized what she was missing out on in the corn dog...