Friday, March 11, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance

Two weekends ago Daddy had the honor of taking Maylin on a date. She was excited about spending time with Daddy but she did put up a little resistance about coming in from outside to put on a Dress. 
When I went outside to call them in to change their clothes I could hear them but I couldn't see them. I looked and looked before I noticed the branches of the Magnolia tree shaking. They were high in the tree covered by the foliage. Oh how they crack me up.
She turned out to be beautiful and once she got over having to come inside she was thrilled about dressing up and having "fancy hair".
Your carriage awaits!
All princesses ride in car seats right?
So the dance ended up being more of a "let's go crazy time" according to Adam. 
It was held at her preschool which is also a cheer/tumble center. 
There were hula hoops to spin, (which she is freakishly good at)
Mats to jump on,
cartwheels to turn,
back handsprings to practice,
and trampoline's to climb under. 
Oh, and don't forget to hula hoop around your neck! It is no wonder she tore the lining out of her dress! I think it is safe to say that they had a GREAT time! 
(Mommy and Pierson took some Mommy Son time that evening as well.)


Grandma Shultz said...

How adorable. Maylin, what a lovely memory this will be for you as you grow older. Special Daddy time. I'm happy that it was a fun evening for you.

Kristi said...

She looks so beautiful all "dolled up" for her date with Daddy. And I LOVE that the dance included trampoline and hula hoop time ~ so Maylin to be doing all that in a dress!

Jordan Carl said...

This looks like fun was had by all. I'm sure Maylin just loved her date with her great daddy.