Friday, February 24, 2012

Fancy Nancy Party

Yep, I am behind again... However,

On Valentines Day Maylin's class had a Fancy Nancy Party. She was so very excited about this event. She talked about it for a week before hand. Every morning she asked "Is today my Fancy Party?" The Friday before while we were at the dollar store for their weekly reward (for good behavior) she picked out glittery makeup so she could "sparkle". 
Eager to start the party!
 She was happy to be eating her Ice Cream Sunday! For those of you who don't know her very well... she thinks of ice cream just about all day, every day!
 She wanted a picture of everyone at her table.
 And of course she wanted a Mommy picture.
 We took LOTS of pictures with friends... I'll spare you most of those.
 A whole class picture. (this one is zoomed in)
 Then came the candy! Oh she loves candy!
 The Fancy Nancy party was a success and this little girl was all too thrilled that Mommy was there to celebrate it with her. Which made this Mommy all to thrilled to be there!  
Even though I didn't get to celebrate with Pierson at school we still had fun sorting candy and reading messages from his friends. He got lot's of candy grams from kids outside his class... Most of which were older girls... Ummm??? Yeah?  Not sure how I feel about that? ;)

 I gave the kids a little Valentine from Mommy and Daddy after school. Maylin got her one true love... Drawing paper and colored pens.
 Pierson got a bug catcher and magnifying glass. He said, "Mommy you got this because you KNOW I LOOOOVE bugs didn't you?" Yes sweet heart I did.
The only thing I didn't think about... it is February... not many bugs out yet! That was sort of a let down as he raced outside and began turning over rocks searching for bugs. Oops. Oh well he'll appreciate it this summer! Long after Maylin's gift is used up. Which by the way has already happened. 

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Kristi said...

Love the Fancy Nancy party pics. Glad your gal got some icey cream. :)
And hang in there Pierson, the bugs will be out soon enough...