Sunday, February 3, 2013

Honduras 2012: Chicken Coops

As the days went on the chicken coup progressed. The guys who spent A LOT of time and energy rebuilding this chicken coop worked extremely hard. Had one, Andy Barnes, not recently built his wife a chicken coup at home all their efforts would probably been in vain. Not because they couldn't have built an equally sturdy chicken coop... they definitely could/would have. However Andy knew one very important necessity that makes a chicken coup a place for hens to lay eggs... Nests. They had rebuilt three sides of this coop but it would have done no good for the chickens had Andy's 'light bulb' not gone off. On our walk back one day we all began collecting straw
What we were able to pick up along our walk back from lunch wasn't going to be nearly enough. 
So the girls, who were on break from school, started helping rake the grass we had recently hacked down.
Before long we had lots of great 'nests' inside.
Of course someone had to show the chickens what to do! lol

At least one chicken took notice! 
I am pleased that we can rest assured that the chickens are nesting safely in this much improved chicken coup. Good job guys. Good job!
These children and chickens are much obliged.


Kristi said...

Love the picture of all the little 'model chickens!'

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