Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Library

Our kids love the library! On this day we went because there was going to be a "Chinese New Year Party"...  
As it turns out the word Party is used loosely. And my kids were the only actual Asian kids there... Oh well...  There was a book read that I guess could be considered to be about Chinese New Year... and they figured out what 'year' they were born and drew a picture of their animal. Both of my kids were born in the year of the rooster (but they already knew this). 
 So they enjoyed the craft project
 and quickly requested
 to go find new books.
 Maylin couldn't be happier! She loves books! There is a great big section with plenty of books for each of their reading levels. Maylin's favorite books are about princesses, Scooby-Doo or barbie. She seeks out books easy enough for her to read on her own.
 Of course they also both enjoy a little computer time.  Pierson has figured out how to search and find books he is interested in.
Pierson's favorite books are the Hardy Boys or other 'comic type' books. The most recent favorite is about World War II and Guadalcanal.  (Not sure if he loves the story or the pictures the best?)  Pierson doesn't really care if he can read them by himself or not but he wants to know who the good guys and bad guys are! Sometimes I make him get at least two books he can read by himself. When I do he sighs and says, "OK mom." I guess that is the difference between girls and boys?! lol

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Grandma said...

So happy that you both like going to the library. It opens your minds to a whole world of knowledge. It is amazing how quickly your minds learn and remember new things. It is fun to watch!