Thursday, February 14, 2013

Honduras 2012: Where the Wind Always Blows.

Today I am dreaming of a simpler life.
Today I want to give Faviola a hug.
Today I want the sole purpose of my life to be living out Christ's Great commission. 
 Today my heart is missing the peace of this second story balcony. 
After each day at Mama Tara's our team came back to The House of Hope for dinner and lodging. Each night after dinner and showers we gathered together on our balcony for singing, sharing and devotions. We had some wonderful discussions.  Don't underestimate the beauty of those moments and conversations. They were life altering. These moments are as important as the work we were doing. Without those moments it would be difficult to process what you have seen and done. Without those moments it would be too easy to silence one's heartbreak and compartmentalize the realities of the children we have come to love. It would be easy to lock those emotions away. Easier to go on through life without letting your heart accept the change that is forming within.

I long to be back on this balcony again. Puerto Lempira is hot and humid and there aren't many times during the day when one isn't wiping the sweat from their brow, inside our bedrooms the air is a bit stuffy and stagnant but somehow... on that balcony... life... is perfect.
At all times of the day there is a constant gentle breeze bringing refreshment to weary souls and bodies.   My heart yearns to be there... to sit in the stillness of the night, engulfed by the freshness of that life giving air. The air which seems to carry the Holy Spirit with it.  The air which brings a peace of blessed assurance. The air that gives one the strength and rejuvenation to carry on for another day.

If I close my eyes I can feel the breeze coming over my shoulders and across my cheeks.
In that moment time stands still.
In that moment all is well with my soul.

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Kristi said...

Makes tears well up in my eyes.
I know that you love F and the other children so...