Sunday, April 10, 2011

CCC Family Fun Day

After spending the night with Grandpa Mickey and Claire (Which they totally enjoyed!)  We met the kids at CCC's family fun day! It was a lovely afternoon of fun games abut most importantly friends. 
Pierson's favorite part was getting painted like a pirate!

Or was it winning two cakes at the cake walk?

I enjoyed listening to some good old praise and worship.

We are so blessed to have such a support base of friends and family who have a common focus. We are all passionate about serving others and serving our God. Not that I think I would be less passionate about these things if my base of friends weren't as well, but more and more I believe and understand the importance of having a support network. 

I am blessed that my friends are more concerned about faith than fashion. They are more concerned with spending time in fellowship and worship than fulfilling our time with worldly entertainment.

 I can't think of better role models for our kids than our closest friends. Those who would rather spend a day in service than luxury. A day getting dirt under our nails than getting them polished.
Maybe we are a little weird... but from my point of view we aren't the weird ones! :)


Amy Murphy said...

Love your heart for service! Isn't it so great to get the kids started early, too? If they grow up serving, they'll never stop! :)

Kristi said...

I miss being there...
Glad it was a fun day!