Sunday, April 17, 2011


Today is one of those days... One of those days that I have been relishing family and family time. I have had the urge (practical or not) to just run away with my family, to cherish every second. 
Watching my kids grow before my eyes, missing family members who have moved away and mourning those who have past has left me craving time to hold my kids and savor every second of family time we are given. 
God has given me the gift of family.There are many facets of my family. First there is my immediate family.
  My loving husband who is my rock, my comforter and supporter. When I am having "one of those days" he always knows how to comfort me. Notice I said comfort me not "fix me"! I appreciate that more and more everyday! Just a hug makes me feel as if nothing else in the world matters.
   My kids who bring me endless joy. I never knew how deep my heart could love. It is a different kind of love than I share for Adam. Not better or worse... just different and boy is it deep! Sometimes just watching them play makes my heart ache with overwhelming emotions.
Then comes my mom and sister's family. A mother just can't be replaced. As a mom now I am catching a glimpse of how deep a mother's love is. I now understand the reason for the rules that drove me nuts as a kid.   It is a blessing to see my children love her as I have.  
 Nothing can replace a sister. Most of the time I am numb to the fact that she doesn't live "down the road" anymore. I don't think about it much because I don't want to. When I do stop to think about it I have to quickly move on to keep the tears from forming and my nose from turning red. Moments with my sister and her family are cherished times. Oh the memories we have shared over the years. Our lives have changed dramatically over the years. We've gone from silly sisters who fought, laughed and cried together to being Mom's. Growing up I don't think either one of us would have guessed we would now be mom's to six Asian children! Doesn't life throw curve balls that end up being the best things that ever happened?!
Then there is my extended family. 
 Spending time with cousins, aunts, uncles and in-laws is something that I just can't get enough of. Family is family and that is just something that can never be replaced.

Today was one of those days... One of those days of playing outside with cousins from near and far. Catching up with an Aunt and Uncle, laughing with my kids, loving my husband, and cherishing every moment of spring. It was a perfect afternoon. If I closed my eyes for just a moment I could pretend that this time would never end. Hearing the laughter blow in the breeze, the sound of basketballs bouncing, the squeaking of bicycle tires grinding... life like this could go on forever and ever and...
Nope, there is an annoying thing like reality lurking in the background. Time with out-of-town family has to be cut short, basketballs have to stop bouncing so my car could leave and the laughter turned to "get out of the way of the car kids!" so that I can leave for a meeting that may or may not have been 99.9% pointless. Today is one of those days (like most for me) when 'organization' seemed to be 100% useless and contrite. 


Summer Jones said...

So sweet! You said it all perfectly! Fun to catch up on things from your blog!

Kristi said...

How do kids manage to grow up before our eyes? Makes me sorta weepy sometimes.
And I miss being there on those relaxed Sunday afternoons more than you know...
(Even from afar, glad to be figuring out this role of motherhood with you!)