Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's Been a Long Week!

We have had a crazy week around here. 
Monday: ran some errands for Mom (helping her get last minutes things done before her trip to China), 
The kids had Swim lessons from  3:00-4:15. Our friend, Kate took them because I had to drive to the house we are selling 45 minutes away. It was showing that evening and the grass needed cut. 
From 5:30-8:00 we were supposed be at VBS but while I was gone cutting the grass Maylin decided to catch a mouse and get bit by it! Off to the Urgent Care we went with a dead mouse in my purse. 
Picked up dinner on the run went to pick up Pierson at Kate's.
  Ate our dinner there.
 Drove home and CRASHED.

Tuesday: 8:30-1:45 we were at preschool. (I teach, and the kids are in class from 9-1:00)
2:00-Home to put on swim suits and sun screen. 
Swimming from 3:00-4:15
Home to bathe before VBS at 5:30. Left church at 8:15. 
Went home ate a snack (the kids were starving) got ready for bed and CRASHED.

Wednesday: Repeat Tuesday exactly except replace the snack at home after VBS with going to McDonalds. I had to get gas and McD's was right there. Pierson and Maylin both ate a cheeseburger, 5 nuggets and a parfait! Unbelievable! I promise they ate dinner at VBS! I watched them scarf it down with my own eyes. 
We went home rode bikes for a little bit and then CRASHED!

Thursday: 8:30-1:45 School.  Maylin started having some issued I thought were related to the medicine she was taking for the mouse bite. 
We got an appointment for her at 2:40. It was the opposite direction from home so we had to kill some time by going to "the store". (we missed swimming that day). 
Got a good report from the Dr. so we headed off to VBS from 5:30-8:00. 
Went home ate a big snack rode bikes for a few minutes and... CRASHED.

Friday: We did get to "sleep in" until I heard Pierson ringing a bell at 7:45am. He was sitting on the floor right beside Maylin's bed with the lights on ringing a high pitched metal bell. REALLY? I asked him why? He just said, "I just paying".  So up we were. We only have school on Tues, Wed, Thurs so we had the morning off. I cleaned the pantry while the kids rode their bikes and played most of the morning. 
3:00-4:15 Swimming
Home for a bath
5:30-8:15 VBS Grand finale. It really was a great week at VBS! I enjoyed helping out and the kids LOVED it! Of course afterwards they were hungry again. It was after all Friday so I thought we should go get ice cream. 
We headed to a local diner to get ice cream but Pierson was "BERY HUNGREE" so he got a Cheeseburger and Fries (this isn't your McD's cheeseburger it is the real deal. BIG and juicy) followed by a whole milkshake!  He's gotta be growing!

After all of that (with Adam AND my Mom out of town) ALL three of us were exhausted. 

Friday night: Pierson mustered up a half smile before I scrubbed off his pirate patch and panda. 
 While I was scrubbing Pierson, Maylin put herself to bed.
She did want a picture of her paintings before I took them off. Neither one of them wanted to lose their artwork but were too tired to argue with me! 
It has been a long time since I have been that busy! It was fun while it lasted but I must say... I am glad it is over! :)
We are looking forward to a SLOWER pace next week!


Summer Jones said...

That's how we were just add some baseball games to that schedule!

Anonymous said...

Swimming lessons and VBS!!! What a week! Good luck with the house showing!
Amanda P

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I got to be a part of that busy week! It was great seeing you at Cindy's.
Stephanie Y

Kristi said...

And I thought I was tired from being in China...
You did all that with Adam gone? THAT gets you mom of the year...
Cute exhausted pictures of your kiddos there at the end.