Thursday, June 30, 2011

Diving 101

We call this one the "curve" dive.

We call this one the "Pencil" dive.

(yep cousin Donna, those are the cute trunks you sent him last year which slid right off his little bum.  They fit PERFECT this year! Thanks!!! : )

Here are our "Weal" dives.

Gotta be a 10 for pointed toes! Right? :)
Coming up for air! His face usually looks like a cat's in water for this one, but he just keeps on going!
Swimming freestyle... or spastic style... I am not sure... but he sure goes and he puts a lot of effort into it! Great job buddy!

Maylin's Dive. 
Look at those straight lines! But it makes my face hurt looking at what is about to be a great impact!
Swimming underwater all the way across the pool to Daddy! She is like a fish underwater. On top of the water is a completely different story. Her freestyle tends to look more like she is in the spin cycle! : ) It is pretty cute but she doesn't go very far.

I just love to watch these two play together. 90% of the time they love each other and laugh and play so well together. The other 10% well lets just say the 90% totally makes the 10% worth it.
Pierson and Maylin you bring so much joy and love into our lives! Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for the gift you are to us!


Summer Jones said...

Sweet summer times!

Kristi said...

You know you are lucky that it is 90%/10% in your favor, right?
Great job on your diving and swimming guys! Ayi is proud of you ~ can't wait to swim in Grandma's pool with you later this summer!