Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flying Umbrellas

Or at least attempting. 
As a storm was approaching (No. There was no lighting) Pierson noticed that the wind was picking up and it looked like it might rain. Daddy was outside grilling. Being the concerned little boy Pierson is he grabbed an umbrella to shield Daddy from the approaching downfall... but wait... you could see the light bulb come on in his head. He facial expressions said "I have a great idea!" He ran back inside got a rope tied it to the end of his umbrella and off he went. 
 Patiently waiting for the next strong gust of wind to give flight to Mickey Mouse!
But thunder had to 'rain on his parade'.  Yes... this was the last picture. After the thunder started he willingly gave up for the day. He assured me "Next time it rain... I try again!"

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Kristi said...

Love the wheels in that little guy's mind!