Sunday, July 24, 2011

Welcome Home Daniel

(a few weeks after the fact... but the pictures are from their first day home)
 To say that Daniel is a cutie pie is an understatement! He is so precious. He seems to just be fitting right into the M___ family. It was wonderful to be able to spend some time with my sister and her family the first few days they were home. I knew they would be exhausted so I "volunteered" to do all of their laundry and cook dinner for them so that I didn't feel bad about crashing their house for a few days while they suffered with jet lag. ;)  Seriously! I remember being home the first night with P and M and loving the support while needing to NOT have to entertain anyone.
 The kids all seemed to get along great... well I am not sure what King Pierson was doing to poor Caleb but at least that is a smile on Caleb's face.
 Daniel made himself right at home with the toys. It really was like he had been there all along!
 The first "unofficial" picture of all six of them. They were watching a Barbie Mermaid movie.
 Caleb and Maylin both wanted the rocking chair.... solution... squeeze both little hineys in! They were squished but it worked for them!
 This is what jet lagged kids look like after they are forced to wake up from a nap. (No they are not cruel parents. They just wanted to make sure they would sleep that night!)
 All six at the dinner table while the adults were in the dining room. Yeah, it takes two whole tables these days!
 Daniel seemed to LOVE corn on the cob.
 This is the best of the "first attempt picture" of all six of them!
 And then it was over! :)
All too soon it was time to go. We needed to get home and they needed us out of their hair!  Only so much laundry you can do (6 mega loads) and so many meals you can cook before you are no longer helpful. Daniel decided he was going to drive my car for me. I would have taken him home in a heart beat but I think my sister would have frowned on that one. ;)

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Kristi said...

Thank you again for being here! It made all the difference in the world!
And I can't believe that you didn't post about my first mega fail as Daniel's mommy...guess the pajamas shot didn't show the blood.

Oh, and ps ~ I'll be needing those pictures please. :)