Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Growing Tadpoles

A post I somehow never posted. (This one goes back to Easter day.)

After church Mommy had a "brilliant idea". Let's go down to the pond and catch some tadpoles in our handy dandy new nets! How hard can it be to raise tadpoles, turn them into frogs and then release them back into the pond?
It sounded like great fun.
Lesson #1. Don't wear nice shoes to the muddy pond.

Lesson #2: Don't reach too far to get the "best" tadpoles. They are all alike and all going to end up in the same place.

Lesson #3: Don't encourage the dogs to go with you. Not only will they be a muddy mess, but you will be too! And they scare tadpoles away.
Lesson #4: Maybe butterflies would be easier to raise? They only live a few days, right?

Lesson #5: Do your own research on how to raise them!  
(While the Easter bunny was leaving eggs in the yard Uncle Ian and Daddy researched how to raise tadpoles with the kids.) While I am sure they learned a lot... I didn't. ;)

Lesson #6:  If your tadpoles miraculously make it to this point (with legs) count yourself blessed and let them go! :)

We made it about three weeks. They were doing so well. Somehow all the ones who were starting to get legs kept vanishing. I knew there was no way they were getting out of the tank but I couldn't figure out where they were going. 

Lesson #7: Turns out that after the tadpoles get legs they need more than fish food to eat. Apparently they were going to tadpole heaven and the others would munch on them causing them to disappear. 
Once I realized they needed more food we got them some freeze dried blood worms. (YUCK). They started doing better. 

Lesson #8: Dish detergent, your daughter and tadpoles don't mix. (I was "Gest trwying to clean dem")
if they survive that...

Lesson #9: Don't leave the country for 10 days and expect your loving husband and children to keep them alive.

Sorry little tadpoles. We'll try better next...
scratch that... 
Lesson #10: Don't try to raise tadpoles. Leave that one to the Big Guy upstairs! :)


Anonymous said...

You can get "kits" to raise butterflies and/or tadpoles...We've done the butterflies and my boys loved it. I'll try to find the website for you.
Stephanie Y

Anonymous said...

Traci You talked about leaving the country for 10 days, but have never written about it on your blog except that they lost your luggage and camera. Did you ever get them back. I'd like to hear about your trip.

Aunt Deanna

Tricia said...

Lesson #10 - don't take tadpoles to raise from your well-meaning cousin.

Kristi said...

I'm gonna stick with Lesson 10 for now.
We'll just get the emails about the tadpoles from you...

By the way, DQ did ask the other day if you were going to send more pictures of the tadpoles. :)