Monday, July 25, 2011

Pool Parties and Thunderstorms

 Luckily we have some easy going friends who don't mind having a "picnic" with 'Pirates Booty' and "Tom and Jerry" while we wait for the storm to pass.
Later that evening... Tom and Jerry just never get old. Daddy was out of town and I had some laundry to do so I let the kids watch a little more T and J while they ate their dinner something they rarely get to do. We are a family that eats together at the table ordinarily. Notice Chaucer keeping a close eye on the food. The kids do know that they at least have to have the food off of floor level if their diner is going to stand a chance of getting in their bellies. This night was a rare occasion that they decided together (without the coercion of an adult) to share the stool. Are we working towards peace at last? Who knows, but it was nice while it lasted! :)


Summer Jones said...

We love Tom and Jerry and Scooby Doo!

Jordan Carl said...

Tom and Jerry is quite possibly my favorite cartoon! I love them.