Monday, June 27, 2011

Tough Kids

 To say that Pierson and Maylin are tough cookies is probably a bit of an understatement. A few nights ago we were riding bikes. We have a great place for riding. We live .8 of a mile off of the main road so it is perfect. Part of the road is gravel before it turns into a paved single lane road. The kids favorite part is the paved part as it is smoother with less hills. Unfortunately they both fell before we got to the paved part. There were a few tears. As soon as I suggested we turn back towards the house. They both dried up the tears! Pierson hopped to his feet while leaning over holding his knee and said in his best tough guy/martyr voice "No I O.K. Keep going."  I chuckled to myself and off we went.  I didn't think much more about it. They seemed to be fine. We rode the rest of the way to the top of the road, turned around and rode home. When we got home I couldn't help but notice the dried blood  which had been running down their arms and legs! They seemed to think they were pretty cool!

Does this make me mom of the year or what? :0

Hopefully I earned points back by cleaning them up and letting them choose their own band aides?
 Buzz Lightyear and Cars were in order for Pierson's knee.
Hello Kitty and Cars were what the Dr. ordered for Maylin's elbow. (She helped put on the Hello Kitty).

I think knee pads and elbow pads are in order don't you?


Amy Murphy said...

I love it! Wow! Those 2 are tough cookies!

Kristi said...

Nah, you need a cut that requires stitches that you "just keep riding" with before you get mom of the year. Or to let your kid fall down the stairs the first night you are home from overseas and actually consider going to bed and dealing with stitches in the morning...

They are tough cookies though! Love 'em both!