Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pierson and Maylin-isms

We have many strange sayings around here that don't seem so weird to me... but probably sound a little odd to the outside world.

Here's a little test to see how well you know Pierson and Maylin-isms.

1  .Maylin:
"I be in High School in Ten Weeks."

Does she...
A. think she will actually be in High School in ten weeks?
B. plan on going to High School in Ten Years?
C. think that High School is Elementary School and ten weeks is just a long way off?

2.  Pierson:
"Mom i can't find my Chum."

Is he...
A: going to be attracting Sharks?
B. playing police officer and needs his gun?
C. looking for chewing gum?

3. Maylin:
"I want a NoodleCorn"

Does she...
A. want to draw a picture of a unicorn?
B. want a noodle dish with corn?
C. want a pipe cleaner?

4. Pierson:
"I stinking"

Is he...
A. thinking real hard?
B. needing a bath?
C. pretending to be a bee?

5. Maylin:
"I like fananina"

Is fananina...
A. the name of her fairy?
B. a ballerina?
C. a small deer?

6. Pierson:
"I kirw dat sting bug"

Is he...
A. shewing away a wasp?
B.  trying to trap a fly?
C. trying to kill a fire ant?

We hope you have enjoyed our little quiz and gotten to know a little bit of the "sounds" of Pierson and Maylin.

1: C, 2:B, 3:A, 4: B, 5:A, 6:C

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You know their minds are thinking so much!