Tuesday, June 5, 2012

CCC Staff Training.

What are six adorable children ages 7 and under doing at a 10 day training for college students?  

I have many answers: playing, swimming, eating, throwing rocks into a pond, chasing geese, playing volleyball, being plain ornery...   No one would argue those things. 
One thing others might not see is that they too are being "trained". 

They are being trained to be Godly servants. They are being trained to be kind and enthusiastic for Jesus. They are being trained to love and be loved by a God who cares for them endlessly and unconditionally. 
 Yeah, I know that it looks like they were just having a lot of fun,
 riding on shoulders,
 climbing walls,
 sliding down slides,
 swinging to the sky,
 eating 'watermelon ice'.
 and playing with enthusiastic college students

Yep it looks like they were just there to play. But my kids and their cousins have the awesome opportunity to be loved by some of the most awesome college students. They get to spend time observing the way they worship, watching how they love each other in Christ, taking in what it means to be a servant and learning what it means to love our God with all their hearts.   

I don't know about you but that is the best kind of training I can imagine for my children.
"Thank you God for giving Pierson and Maylin the opportunity to be a part of such and awesome ministry and having such amazing people to model their lives after as they learn to know you more."


Grandma Shultz said...

What fun loving, Christ-centered young adults to have as role models for my grandchildren. Every year it is a blessing to watch! Gotta love being at "Staff Training". CCC is an amazing ministry.

Kristi said...

And what a weekend it was!
Caleb's prayer every night now is "Thank you Jesus for Ty and all the CCC staff. Help them not to be too tired and to be safe."