Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We have another family member...

Our family is excited to sponsor this beautiful girl (I'll leave out her name for privacy). We got to meet her on our last trip to Honduras and were thrilled when we learned that she was available for sponsorship. We have sponsored children in the past through various organizations and have been happy to do so but this time it is different. We actually know her. We have hugged her, sang with her and seen her get new TOMS
We know that we are going to get to see her again in November when we go back to Honduras. We are thrilled to be able to send her a small package next week. As part of the package we are sending this picture of our family complete with her. I hope she likes it and understands how much we care for her and are committed to seeing her grow up.

She is not an orphan. Her mother is the cook for one of the orphanages our church supports. Our little girl has grown up spending much of her time there in the orphanage. Our sponsorship will help get her school supplies and uniforms. It will also ensure that she is getting fresh food. 
As she gets a little older education will become harder to come by for her in the remote area she lives in. Middle school is a long walk in this not-so-safe area of the world. Because of this most children there never go past 5th grade. We as a family have committed to making sure she gets the education she deserves.  Whatever that means and whatever we have to do to make sure it happens. 

If you are a child and have nothing, a dream of college or even High School appears to be almost unreachable. If you are a child and have nothing in La Moskitia, the poorest region of Honduras, continued education is nothing more than a pipe dream. It is our intention to make sure that this princess sees her pipe dream come true. 
While you probably will never meet her or see her in our home. This little girl is now officially part of our family. Through thick and thin. For better or worse. Sweet girl we love you and pray for you tonight.


Summer said...

Amazing love!

Kristi said...

You know I almost killed you for announcing an adoption before telling your family... :)
She is blessed ~ as I know you guys are going to be too!