Monday, June 25, 2012

A "Father's" Day at the Lake

I had a chance to spend the day with my family and great friends. We are grateful  to the Bigger's for having us out to the lake for the day. Both the kids were very excited but Pierson, I have to say, was ecstatic about going fishing!  
We started the afternoon off with a yummy lunch of KFC chicken, home-grown green beans, home-grown potato salad, home-grown cucumbers, and deviled eggs fresh off the Bigger's farm. DELICIOUS!

 Pierson found his new passion.... Fishing! He caught 14... yes 14 fish in one day. The first one he caught by himself was hilarious. There was no reeling involved he just yanked his pole and that fish came flying out of the water almost hitting Maylin and I. He was beaming  all over!
 Maylin's first fish... well I think this picture says it all! She enjoyed fishing... but actually dealing with the fish  was a whole different ball game. Yeah, she takes after her Mommy. :)
 We did manage to get her to hold it for a picture. lol
 Notice Maylin's hair is wet.. Nope, we had not been swimming yet... On her first cast she cast herself right off the dock. I missed it, but Adam said the look on her face was priceless. LOL
 Pierson learning to love fishing with his Spider man fishing pole. THANKS Mr. Jim for getting the kids awesome fishing poles. I am not sure what Maylin likes better the fact that she got to have a great day with family and friends or the fact that her fishing pole lights up when she casts?!
 I just love this picture. No words needed!
 Pierson is a true water bug!
 Maylin enjoyed being on solid ground but if she had to be out on the water she wanted to be helping Mr. Jim drive the boat. This girl is a speed demon. According to Mr. Jim it was everything he could do to keep her from going full throttle!
 Out on the water she wasn't as happy. We can officially say that she didn't care for tubing.
 But Pierson once again was having the time of his life.
 Adam enjoying the view of Kate and Andy hanging on for dear life! Hang on guys! It is going to be a bumpy ride!
 Adam and I... yep there is a reason I could hardly move the next day! Oh my back!
 Maylin giving it another try between Mommy and Daddy.  She still wasn't sure.
 Back on land Adam helping Pierson get a fresh worm on his hook.
 "I'm not eating another cookie?" :)
 Taking a break from the sun Maylin draws some of the birds we had seen that day.
 Trying her hand a fishing again. She might have caught more if she left her worm in the water for more than 5 seconds at a time. :)
 At it again. This time on a bigger contraption.
The bigger size of gave Maylin a bit more security... In her own typing skills.
 "i wus brave and sdan up with mom and kate "  
Synchronized swimming with Adam. 
 "my dad an me dance at the lake"
One last ditch effort to cap off the day. I don't think she really wanted to catch anything. I think it was just the act of casting that she enjoyed.
It was an awesome day with awesome people. I think it was all this little boy could take. He didn't last long in the car on the way home. Actually, the last thing we heard from either one of them was the sound of Maylin's fishing pole dropping out of her hand as she drifted off to sleep. 
Thanks to the Bigger's and the Highsmith's for having us out to the lake!

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Grandma Shultz said...

Thank you Biggers and Highsmiths for the wonderful day for my grandchildren. They are still talking about it. What fun!