Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ohio part II

Sunday, our last day in Ohio. After church we got the chance to go over to Grandpa's Farm. Honestly after Grandpa died last March I wasn't sure we would ever even drive by the farm again let alone get to walk the land. The farm was sold very quickly which was best for everyone but also a little sad. I have so many memories there, from slinging creek moss at my sister and cousins, to pulling weeds in the bean fields, to being chased by the bulls... oh the memories come flooding back. 
We were blessed to be able to take a walk one more time. Each step brought back a flood of memories. It wasn't quite the same without Grandpa, but definitely still a blessing.
Maylin and Kylie were having fun spending time together.  I couldn't pass up this picture I just thought it was precious.
We also couldn't pass up the chance to get, in all probability, the last picture of our kids on the leaning tree.  16 months ago all of the great grandchildren of Grandpa lined up on this tree. (scroll down a few pictures on the link to see it). It really is amazing the difference a few months can make. In March there are no leaves in June of course it looks completely different.
My kids crossing the 'telephone poll bridge'. There is no telling how many times I walked across this bridge. We used to sit out there and play in this creek for hours. Sometimes we stayed because we were just caught up in our own fantasy (especially after the movie 'Dirty Dancing' came out) we 'danced' back and forth across the bridge over and over again.  Sometimes we stayed there because we were trapped by cows on either side. The bridge really is higher than it looks in the picture... High enough to keep us away from cows standing in the creek. ;) Either way we have awesome memories and stories to share with future generations.
There is also the pond. We sat out here for as long as we could handle the heat that day. This pond is such a versatile form of entertainment. In the summer it was good for canoeing and fishing. Many bull frogs were chased down the banks and lots of minnows were swatted at with nets. It was also good for just having a peaceful place to sit and catch up with Grandpa or other family members. In the winter it was a great place for ice skating. We threw many rocks out there to test the thickness of the ice. We plowed many snow piles as we dove with a running start only to see who could go the furthest on our bellies. ...oh the fun... oh the memories.
I didn't take a picture of the summer house, aka a screened in patio area away from the house, this time but   we did take this picture which I love. Written in the concrete as you walk in the door is V. Shultz 1953. I am not sure who the V stands for Vernon or Virginia?  I guess they were clever enough to know they only needed one V for the both of them. I can only imagine the joy they felt when they wrote this nearly 60 years ago as a young couple building their family here on these grounds. This year it was cool to have all six (my sister's 4 plus my 2) of their little hands around this legacy.
All too soon it was time to pack up and head back to NC. But first we had to pass out a few little gifts that the kids picked out for each other.
A bit crazy! ;) We love you Uncle Ian! You bring a lot of humor to all of our lives.
We were blessed to be able to walk through one more time. Things have changed since the new owners have moved in but the spirit of the land has not. One last picture of sisters who have shared so many memories together in this special place. We can only hope to maintain the legacy of the one of the most special couples we know.
I did really love one addition the new owners added in front of the garage. Makes my heart happy to know that this place will continue to be a place where Christ is the center of all.

And it was time to go...
too bad that cape couldn't fly us all the way back to NC.


Courtney said...

What a beautifully written post. So many wonderful pictures and memories. So glad you got to share this with your kids at least one more time.

Kristi said...

Oh, plowing snow piles... I had forgotten about plowing snow piles. :)
The picture of our kids hands made me smile. Never stopped to wonder why it was only V. Shultz and not V & V. Shultz. I like your reasoning.
I too am so thankful to have been there, both with my kids, but also with you.
And I'd love a copy of that picture of us please.