Friday, July 6, 2012

Road Trip to Ohio (part 1)

Yep, I am officially two weeks behind... There has been so much going on and so much to blog about yet I haven't been finding much time to get the pictures on the computer let alone blogging.  So I'll be playing catch up over the next few days or week. : )

Two weeks ago now we (My Mom, the kids and I) packed up the car and headed for Ohio for my Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Lynn's 50th wedding anniversary party. 
We got there on a Friday evening and stayed at my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Roger's house.
Uncle Roger must have a comfortable lap because my kids sure liked sitting in it! :)
 We were able to sit outside and enjoy their new deck as the sun went down. It is always nice to be out in the farm fields of Ohio. It just so peaceful there. 
The next morning we were able to chill out for a while. Maylin was enjoying taking pictures of the humming birds coming to the window feeder. Before long she had taken pictures of everything that was sitting still in their house. (Aunt Nancy if your house ever gets broken into we have photos of everything so you can prove  what was stolen. lol)  Late that afternoon we went to the country club for the anniversary party. It was a great evening. I was so glad that it worked out for us to come. Celebrating 50 years of marriage is no small feat and to do it with as much love and compassion as they do is definitely something to celebrate. 

 It was also a special treat to be able to hang out with their cousins. Are these three girls not the cutest?!
 These were two boys ready for a feast! Luckily the country club served chicken tenders and fries for the kids. Even though my kids love fish they weren't too keen on the salmon or pork that was being served that night... I love a place that caters to kids!
How blessed are we to have these precious 6 in our family?
 The couple of honor. Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Lynn (along with their three children, Lori, Carol and Rusty). Thanks for being such loving role models to all of those who follow.

 Trouble with a capital C and P! :)  Even though they are a MESS together it is fun to watch how much they love to play together. Pierson loves Caleb very much!
 We couldn't  pass up an opportunity to get Grandma with all six of her kiddos!
Who knew petunias suctioned so well to your nose?
It was a fun filled evening. Thankfully filled with plenty of sidewalks and grassy areas for the kids to play. Ohio part 2 will come later...  gotta get to bed tonight. :)

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