Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some of my Favorite Pictures

which I have failed to post. 
For some reason these pictures have been sitting in my "blog" folder but I have never gotten around to posting them. I guess for the most part they don't have much of a story to them. They are just everyday moments caught on camera. 
nature lover (oh how she loves to pick wild flowers)
music lover
 rock collector

and adorable!
What a sweet spirit they both have! I am so blessed to be their Mom. 


Cassie said...

love these...the pictures and the kids :)

Kristi said...

It is the everyday moments that make up our lives. Love this little glimpse of your sweeties!

Cindy M said...

Those everyday moments capture their little personalities! They are both just so adorable. Love love love the photo of Maylin with the flowers!