Thursday, November 15, 2012

Good Friends= Good Times

Homeschooling has brought me back in touch with friends I have missed for too long. It has been such a blessing to reconnect and watch our kids connect so easily!
 Maylin is so enjoying getting to know her new friend Harper.
 Pierson... well he can make friends with anyone but he loves Oliver and Calvary!
 Harper gives Maylin a run for her money! They are AWESOME climbing partners!
 And Finley just fits right into the mix as a little cuttie pie!

 Harper and Maylin spent the afternoon gathering pine needles and sticks. They used pony tail holders to tie them all together to make brooms! These girls are a match made in heaven!

And the boys... well they spent the afternoon chasing people with the pine needles. Another perfect match. :)

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Cassie said...

oh yay!!! we are so happy to have all of you in our lives too! and you are so right, harper and maylin are such a perfect little match...i am grateful for pierson's sweet spirit and how he just goes with the flow...and probably best of all i am excited to be able to spend some time with you as we share this newest road in our lives :)