Friday, March 19, 2010

Adam reviewing the maps planning out the day

So we got up this morning got ready and went to the breakfast buffet. It was pretty good. We had eggs, something french toast-ish and orange juice. Adam tested a few other things... I didn't have the stomach for trying new things this morning! Maybe tomorrow. Then we came back to the room and devised a plan for the day. We heard the National Palace Museum was fantastic... it was nice.

Hoping that we were going to get on the right train... As it ended up it was the right train, we were just going the wrong direction. :) We had a 15 minute walk to the MRT (subway) a three stop ride on that and a 10 minute bus ride to get to the palace... Only one goof up... Not bad for a couple of Westerners who have never been to Taipei

The entrace to the palace. The Taiwanese flag blowing infront of the palace.

The palace is HUGE and took several hours to go through. there were A LOT of tour groups there. Asians tend to have a different buffer zone for personal space than westerns do... Let's just say we got squeezed out of the way a lot! They were coming at us from all sides. lol
It was, however, a beautiful building with the largest display of Chinese artifacts in the world. They also had a beautiful garden with some crazy large fish. these were the biggest of these I have ever seen. I think the biggest had to have been 4-5 feet in length! It was impressive!

The gardens were quite beautiful and peaceful. They were MUCH less crowed than the museum! We quite enjoyed it and thought the kids would probably like to come here and feed the ducks and the fish. Maybe even this crazy eyed bird! :)

PS this is how I am feeling right now. My eyes are bloodshot and my hair is a mess and we are definitely not the typcial skin tone around here. :)

These are the brooms they were using to keep the sidewalks clean around the palace.

This is just a funny in our elevator at the Hotel. I am not sure what they are trying to warn us
of in the bottom left corner... do people often slip through the cracks?

ok well since I fell asleep sitting here and literally almost fell off this bench while waiting for the last picture to upload maybe I ought to go to bed... and Adam is practicing reading with his eyes closed. :)

Chow for now. HUGS AND KISSES TO EVERYONE. We'll post about the night market in the morning. That was interesting too!


Kristi said...

Love the bird comment. Totally understand. And not bad to only go the wrong direction on the metro, just proof that once you learn to use a subway system you can use one anywhere, even in a place that you don't speak (or remotely read) the language.
Kylie says "Thanks for the hotel pictures and I hope you have fun meeting Pier-swon and May-lin."
Caleb says, "Please take care of my little TV. Did you use it on the airplane?"
Darcy says, "Hah!"
Love you guys!

Mickey said...

be careful. those big fish may show up on the breakfast buffet

Kathy said...

I too got a chuckle from the bird comparison - too cute. The park looked so soothing and a great place to bring the kids. Thanks for keeping us posted. Kudos on the metro system and bus.

Saundra said...

Praising God that you are there safely and that your neck is feeling much better, Traci. You two are brave to get around a city where you can't even read the street signs. Thanks for all of the pictures.

Ann said...

You are half a world away and my heart is still full and overflowing. Have fun and savor every moment.

Claire said...

Those smiling faces are darling (yours, too!).