Thursday, March 25, 2010

Taipei Zoo Trip

Both kids were amazed by the MRT

Wednesday we needed to get out and let the kids run themselves tired. They were up half the night the night before. Not crying or anything just fidgeting blowing noses, going potty, getting drinks, anything to help them not sleep. So we packed up the stroller and headed for the Taipei Zoo.

We have two clowns!

The first exhibit we came to was the pandas, which the kids were very excited to see. Pierson would walk up to a statue acting as if he didn't see it, then all of the sudden he would gasp and jump back as if it were real and were coming after him... he did this over and over. It was quite funny! They wanted to climb on everything that stood still.

Pierson and Daddy looking at some deer-ish things. He would look all day if we left him to. Maylin -- not-so-much -- she was quickly ready to see what was next, or get back in the stroller. The zoo was pretty nice all around. Not quite the Ashboro Zoo as far as the animals captivity, but very nice in cleanliness and presentation.

Wrangling the hippo's! Giddy up HIPPO!

Maylin was not very impressed by the smell of most of the animals.
Anytime there was a slight smell of poop this was the face we got! She is definitely FULL of personality! I think she will give her cousin Caleb a run for his money! Pierson on the other hand is more laidback although he has his moments of wildness too!

Another funny! The zoo was very proud to display how they recycle all the poop! I thought this picture was quite hilarious! If you can't see it well enough it is a pig pooping (in the potty) while drying his hair with a hair dryer that is obviously powered by his droppings. LOL

Daddy with his little ones. They were looking at white rhinoceroses. Pierson often looks to see what other people's reactions are and then reacts accordingly. Maylin on the other hand is more concerned with her stuffed panda -- at least in this picture.

This was the best picture we got of the two of them together. I am feeling my sister's pain just trying to get both of them to stand still and look at the camera is hard!

Mommy and Pierson waving to the Elephant's.
This was Pierson's highlight of the day! He loves elephants! We saved the best exhibit for last. By this point Maylin was done and wouldn't get out of the stroller. I am not sure she could even see them but she wouldn't budge!

Maylin posing in what we think was supposed to be a pile of poop, which was next to the toilets on the way out. Kind of funny. The kids thought it was the best thing since sliced bread!

Pierson was very proud of his discovery of the pile of poo! HAHA
That is it for now. We'll post more about the Hello Kitty resturant and the the visit to Taipei 101 with our first meltdown on top of the world! :)
Love everyone and can't wait to see you guys!


Kristi said...

Well, this was worth staying up for! First off, you have two DARLING children. Second, can you imagine what it is going to be like when we have all five kids together for pictures? (Just wait till you see my most recent pictures of Caleb's "smile.") Third, anxiously awaiting the melt-down story!
Maylin's reaction to the smells is hilarious, and I could almost imagine Pierson hamming it up as he was "surprised" by the statues.
Oh, I can't wait to get to know my nephew and niece! They look like such fun little messes!

Anonymous said...

Well, thanks for the post. Reading your blog is now part of my morning routine which does help ease the pain of getting to school at 6:45. I am mailing my National Board box off today! Yay! Can't wait to meet your family. Love the interesting personalities that are starting to shine.
~Kate and Andy

Donna said...

Oh my goodness, they are just too cute!! And funny!!!
Parenthood looks very good on you two, by the way!!!

Laurie said...

What a fun post! Looks like you're all having a great time getting to know each other. :)

Grandma Shultz said...

Looks like it was a fun visit to the zoo. The children look like little "hams". Didn't think I'd see my grandkids pictures taken in a pile of poop! haha Actually, that one of Maylin is adorable. I'm curious about the melt-down. Can't wait to meet Maylin and Pierson in person. Traci and Adam, you look so natural with two children. What a blessing for all four of you.

Tricia said...

Those pictures are great! I can't wait to see the kids in action for myself. It looks like they are going to fit right in.

And Wow, the zoo is really proud of its poo and the way they handle it.

How sweet is it that Pierson likes elephants--just like his mommy!

Kathy said...

What is it about kids and poop??!! Can't wait till everyone can meet at the Ashboro zoo - will we have fun then with 5 little ones. You all look like you are getting on great. Thanks for the post. Know that you want to spend most of your time with your kids right now.

Nancy said...

Great photos!!!!

Andy Highsmith said...

So the people in Taiwan seem really proud of their poop! Great pics and we can't wait to see you guys!

Bekah said...

How fun and what great little personalities! They look like so much fun. Can't wait to hear the "meltdown" story! Welcome to parenthood!!! Can't wait to see you all. Love to all of you!